…Couples Workout Videos and How to Get Started…

That couples who exercise together reap a lot of benefits is no secret anymore. There are all the health perks, of course, and the motivation a workout partner is able to give when you need it the most – but there’s also a few sexy benefits to exercising together.

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Here is a quick and nifty guide to the best channels out there if you’d like to get started right away, as well a few motivation boosters in case one of you needs some convincing.

Getting the blood pumping during a good gym session is not all that different from getting the blood pumping in the bedroom, which should be reason enough to get you both off the couch.

Hit Youtube first

Many workout videos for couples are found on YouTube these days, and the ones who know how to push you to reach your goals will even guide you through it for free.

Keep in mind that some of these coaches may use language that you find offensive, such as bikini bodies, for example, or getting your stomach ready for the beach.

Pay no attention to this and carry on with your exercise nonetheless. Popsugar Fitness is one of these excellent channels that couples of any fitness level may benefit from. The exercises in these videos are not necessarily for couples exclusively, but it’s still easy for both of you to follow through with it even if one of you is in better shape than the other.

Popsugar fitness posted a video that went viral a few years ago of this couple’s insane workout routine, by the way, so have a look and get your muscles inspired.

Find the fittest couples on Instagram

Those who succeed with both their relationships and their workout goals tend to boast an awful lot, and they tend to do so on Instagram. While their stable lives may annoy us, we can still benefit from all of this by looking them up on Instagram – and copying their workout behavior.

Balance your way into a double tree pose, for example, inspired by Instagrammer @kristina_gangthewolf or sink down into an in-sync squat together with @gypsetgoddess and try to gaze into each other’s eyes without making it awkward. It’s a challenge.

But why should we exercise together?

Besides from having a workout buddy you can lean on at all times, exercising with your partner is a serious relationship booster as well. Seeing each other work hard to reach those goals, working up a sweat, and taking care of themselves is a sure way to make you fall in love with them all over again.

Plus, you’ll be able to inspire each other to go for a run a bit more often. Imagine staying on the couch while your partner put on their running shoes, ready and pumped for a brisk jog in the rain? It sounds lovely, right?

No, scratch that last part – you need to support each other, and most people follow through with their workout routine when they have a partner to boost their motivation.

It will keep you healthy, active, and in a much better mood as well, so why not enjoy the feeling together?


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