…Fit and Ready for the Day Ahead: Business Travel Fitness Tips…

The business day can drag. Those who don’t stay atop fitness goals feel worse. In order to stay fit and ready for the day ahead, stick to the following business travel tips.

Eat in Your Room
You don’t want to add calories to your diet when traveling. That means staying away from fast foods and getting take-out from the hotel lobby. Use the coffee maker in your room to prepare something healthy, such as oatmeal. Plus, stock the mini fridge with healthy items from the grocery store.

Wake-Up Early
Rise early and go for a walk or do push-ups in your room. Get the blood flowing early and be more alert for the business day ahead. How ironic that waking early to exercise makes you feel less tired and more energized throughout the day.

Pack Exercise Gear
If you don’t have your sneakers and exercise gear then you have an excuse to avoid burning calories. That’s not a healthy way to go about your business trip. It’s highly likely that your hotel has a gym or room with cardio equipment and free weights. But you won’t be able to take advantage if you don’t bring the right gear.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking plenty of water is good for your skin and ensures you’re not feeling drained of energy. Plus, staying hydrated helps keep the body feeling full. Otherwise, you may partake in a lot of unneeded snacking.

Stick to a Regular Routine
Do your best to stay true to your normal routine. For example, if you regularly stay away from take- out or fatty foods during the workweek, don’t exchange that discipline for continuous meals that are high in fat and calories. If you normally jog, walk the city, jump rope in your hotel room, etc.

Walk the Town
Many business meetings reside in or around a major city. Rather than take a cab to destinations, see how long it takes to walk. Otherwise, use downtime to find walking trails in the area if the city is not fixed with a downtown area. See where you can go on foot from the Renaissance Lounge at Sonoma by Marriott.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Pack protein bars and other healthy, filling snacks in your luggage. Keep them handy as the day is filled with meetings. You may not get a chance to eat lunch or dinner when you’re hungry. Packing snacks ensure you won’t feel drained of energy or moody because you’re hungry.

Flex While Sitting and Walking
It sounds a bit eccentric, but flexing your stomach while sitting and walking actually burns calories and gains muscle. You don’t want to get caught flexing in front of your peers or potential business partners, but remind yourself to do it while waiting in a restaurant, walking to get coffee, etc.

Take the Difficult Route
Most take an escalator versus the stairs yet those who opt for the latter burn more calories. It seems like an insignificant difference, yet over time, those who seek the difficult routes are more likely to be in better shape and have an improved mindset about exercise.

…Using Yoga To Treat Sports Injuries…

Spirituality is a big part of yoga and it first gained popularity amongst people that wanted to use it as a form of meditation, but these days everybody seems to be doing it for all sorts of different reasons. It’s been known to help people relieve stress, give up smoking, and even improve their performance in a range of sports. These are just a couple of the many ways that yoga can improve your life but one thing that people don’t often think to use yoga for is injury prevention and treatment. Yoga is a valuable tool that you should be taking advantage of, here’s how it can help you to avoid injuries and help you to recover from them quicker.


Pain Relief

If you’ve got a serious sporting injury then you might be prescribed painkillers by your doctor but if you don’t want to take loads of medication that might affect your mood, yoga can often be a good alternative form of pain relief as well as a way to inspire quicker healing. Learning to control your breathing through meditation at yoga chiang mai retreats can help you to improve the oxygen and nutrient flow to your muscles which will aid quick recovery. Slow stretches and held poses also help to increase the elasticity of your muscles which is a great way to get some relief if you’ve pulled muscles. Yoga also improves your cardiovascular and respiratory functions which both help with injury recovery.  

Muscle Flexibility

A lack of muscle flexibility is a common cause of sports injury. If you aren’t flexible enough then you increase your risk of pulling and tearing muscles. You can also encounter severe joint problems if you don’t keep them in good shape. Certain yoga poses can help you to loosen up different muscle groups as well as giving you control over the spinal reflexes that cause automatic muscle contraction. Stretching out as part of a warm down is also a great way to avoid any muscle pain after working out. The best poses for muscle flexibility are downward dog, sit easy, and the cobra. Between them, those three poses will stretch out all of your muscles and loosen things up a bit.


Some injuries will be ok after a bit of stretching out but if you have a more serious injury like a broken limb which puts you out of action for a while, it’s important that you don’t rush back into exercising. Easing yourself in gently with lower impact exercises to test the water and see if your ready is the key to avoiding further injuries. Yoga is a great way to gradually introduce bit more movement to the injured part of your body without putting it under too much strain. Start off with very simple poses that don’t require too much stretching or flexibility and gradually increase the difficulty until you’re back to normal.

Another benefit of yoga when you’re recovering from an injury is that it keeps you healthy mentally as well as physically, which is something that athletes often struggle with if they are unable to compete for a long time.

Everybody should incorporate yoga into their workout routine to avoid injury and keep their body in tip top shape.


…Work It Out: Cracking The Weight Loss Code…

If you asked a group of people who claim to have tried every diet on the planet about their experiences, you might assume that weight loss is an uncrackable code. The truth is that you read about people trying to lose weight all the time, and every person has a different story. You’ll come across those who have survived on liquid for weeks at a time and those who have taken miracle supplements or tried to follow a diet including all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients. If you’re desperate to lose weight, the best thing to do is think of the long-term. It can be so easy to get distracted by products and plans that promise instant results, but almost always, these results are unsustainable. If you’re looking for ways to work out weight loss, you’ve come to the right place.

Balancing the equation

There are various factors that will affect your individual weight loss journey, but in the simplest terms, losing weight boils down to finding the solution to a simple equation. Your body needs fuel to function, but if the tank is too full and you’re not using enough of that fuel, you’re going to gain weight. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in from your diet. It’s very easy to consume more calories than you need, especially if you don’t ever look at food labels. If you’ve never really paid attention to calorie content before, now is the time to start using an app to count calories. This will give you an idea of your average daily intake, and you can make adjustments accordingly. Changing your diet and keeping a handle on portion sizes will help you to lose weight, but it’s also beneficial to move your body more. Being active should help you drop dress sizes and you should also find that you feel fitter, healthier and more confident.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usaghumphreys/7239581368

Understanding your options

If you research weight loss on the Internet or you read magazines on a regular basis, you may be exploring the idea of trying new diets, taking weight loss supplements or pills or even having surgery. It’s so important to understand your options and to ensure that you know exactly what you’re doing. Surgery may seem like a quick-fix, but there are risks involved with bariatric surgery, and it’s not a decision anyone should take lightly. Dr. Steve Tersigni of Bay Bariatrics explained that the lap band procedure has the most complications and most often needs to be fixed among all weight loss procedures. Before embarking on surgical treatment of any kind, you should be aware of the risks and the potential complications that may occur. Likewise, if you’re starting a diet or buying products online, it’s essential to do your homework. Ask your doctor for advice and be wary of anything that claims to help you lose a substantial amount of weight in a very short time. If you can, always try and combine healthy eating and regular exercise to lose weight over a period of time. This is the best way to improve your health now and in the future.

Image via https://pixabay.com/en/weight-loss-weight-nutrition-scale-2036967/

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you feel like you’ve done every diet and still failed to get the results you want? If you’re struggling, try and simplify the process, focus on being healthy and concentrate on getting good results in the long-term. If you are considering options such as new diets or surgery, always seek expert advice first.

…You Can Find the Time to Exercise More…

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We’ve all done it; come up with a million reasons why we simply don’t have the time to exercise. The thing is, most of us were lying. The vast majority of us, although we may well lead very busy, full lives, do have the time to exercise, it’s all about making it a priority and finding better ways to fit it into our everyday life.

If you want to exercise more, and you know that you should, here are some very simple things you can do to find the time:

Invest in Home Gym Equipment

One of the best ways of ensuring that you can fit more exercise into your life is by investing in some home gym equipment. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting to and from the gym – you can just fit your workout in quickly whenever you have the time.

There are all kinds of gym equipment you can use with ease in the home, but a treadmill is a great option because it takes very little effort to understand, as you will see if you click here and take a look at this great treadmill-based, website I found, and because most people can run well with a little practice. It’s a pretty great calorie burner, too.

Get Up Early

This one is a no-brainer, but so few people consider it that it’s definitely worth mentioning here. If you have a full schedule, then getting up even 30 minutes earlier will give you enough time to fit in at least a 20-minute workout before you start your day, and this is at least, the minimum you should be doing if you want to stay fit and healthy. It might be tough to not just ignore the alarm at first but after a few days. It’ll become second nature, and you’ll soon be fitter than ever.

Use Your Lunch Break for Good

If you have a decent lunch break of, say 60 minutes, then you can comfortably eat lunch and fit in a quick workout before heading back to the office. In fact, if you let your employer know that this is what you plan to do, they might even give you a little leeway to get back later. After all, employers want their staff to be as fit and healthy as possible so that they don’t take as many sick days.

Learn a HIIT Routine

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Using a HIIT routine, you can get fit in as little as 6 minutes. Each and every one of us has at least six free minutes in the day, so once you know what you are doing, you really have no excuse not to start sweating and get into the best shape of your life.

Say No More

One of the reasons why we’re all so busy these days is because we have a real problem saying no. We all agree to far more commitments than we would really like for fear of upsetting anyone, most of the time, but what’s more important? Declining an offer which might put someone out for a few minutes before they move on, or letting your body go to rack and ruin? You know the answer.

Exercise with the Kids

If finding someone to take care of the kids while you hit the gym is your biggest problem, forget the gym and start exercising with your kids. There are tons of ways you can do this; for example, if you click this link, you’ll find a great jogging stroller that will make it so easy for you to get out and run with your baby, or if you want to stay at home, what about using your kids as weights? Have older kids? Play catch with them or join a family baseball game and you’ll all have a wonderful time together.

Invest in a Standing Desk

Okay, so standing up isn’t exactly exercising, but you will burn more calories and perhaps even improve your muscle tone if you spend more of your working day standing than you do sitting down. If you must sit, consider investing in a medicine ball because using that in place in of an actual chair forces you to engage your core, which can really help to tighten up your abs.

Multi-Task Your Exercise

A good way to make the time for a good workout is to combine tasks. For example, holding dumbbells while you run on the treadmill will work your arms as well as your legs and help you to burn many more calories.

Make a Date of It

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Whether you’re single and looking to mingle or you’re happily married and need regular date nights to spend some quality time with your spouse, a great way to fit in more workouts is to turn your dates into activity nights, So, instead of going to the cinema, go for a hike and watch the beauty of nature unfold before your eyes, or instead of going out for a romantic meal at a restaurant, hire a rowing boat and go for a picnic, burning off lots of calories before you eat.

Cardio in Front of the Couch

If you spend so much time watching the latest Netflix shows that you simply ‘don’t have time’ to exercise, and you aren’t willing to give up The Walking Dead or Stranger Things completely, then at least get up off the couch and do some simple aerobic exercises, squats and lunges in front of the couch! The Tv will take your mind off the fact you’re exercising, and you’ll have a much fitter heart and body after your next binge-watching session than if you sit on the couch eating Doritos!

Build it Into Your Day

Another very simple way to make time for exercise is by building it into your day. Things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking to the store around the block instead of driving there, won’t add much time to your day, but they will, cumulatively, make a big difference to your health.

Now, you have no excuse to exercise every day, so get to it!


…GORUCK SELECTION: #stillnottrainingforselection…

When life give you lemons, you put a patch on it and attempt to do GORUCK Selection…#041

I decided I wanted to attempt GORUCK Selection after I completed my first GORUCK HCL.  I realized that I could honestly pass GORUCK Selection once I successfully completed the GORUCK HHH.  So I slowly started preparing myself to accomplish this task. I created a plan and worked towards it over the past year.  But sadly, I fell short of accomplishing the feat of passing GORUCK Selection.

How did I feel when I was told that I was no longer a participant in the 2017 GORUCK Selection class…


Those are the best words to described how I was feeling as I walked away from the the beach, the class, and the cadre.  My performance had fallen short and there was no one to hold accountable for that except me. So I wiped my tears (yes, it is rare that I do cry so when it does happen it is a pretty big deal), dusted off my ruck, and started making plans for news goals to accomplish.

In the past 5 years, I have done countless events/races.  I have completed all of those events/races.  I completed MOST of those events/races excelling and feeling good about my overall performance. Failure is a word that I am not familiar with, nor am I willing to accept.  So, as I was unable to complete GORUCK Selection I do not see it as a failure.  I see it as a lesson to learn from and grow from. I learned how to completely change and adapt my overall mindset and lifestyle to prepare myself to attempt this event. Life leading up to this event was far from easy, but I pushed “life” aside and kept pushing to prepare for this event.

Yes, I had been training. Yes I had set a plan and was working on it. Yes, I made personal sacrifices so that I would be ready for this event (and I even lost a few “friends” because of my dedication to training for this event). But, what really happened?

Bottom line… I did not TRAIN OR PREPARE ENOUGH. Yes, I had been training and preparing.  But what ELSE could I do to be better prepared for the event? I had continued my “normal” training (with added things to prepare me for requirements of the event such as the PT test).  As I was there in Jacksonville and in the element of GORUCK Selection, I realized that I was not as prepared as I thought I was.

The best part about being there for GORUCK Selection…

Being side by side with two of my best buds. These guys for sure are my event support and are two total BADASSES. We regularly hold each other accountable and pushed each other. We motivated each other while also pushing our own limits to get ready for any event (especially an event like GORUCK Selection).

And this is how we all felt about our progress individually and as a group for the 2017 GORUCK Selection…

No, I can not tell you how to train for a event like GORUCK Selection.

The reality is that EVEYONE has their own strengths and weaknesses. Things that I would consider to be my weakness are things that I will incorporate MORE into my training.  If I were to tell you to do the exact same things that I am doing, that could be counter productive and not beneficial for your success. So my best advice to you (to get ready for ANY event that you want to do)… TRAIN HARDER.   Prepare for all elements and expect the worst.

No, I can not tell you the gear that I used or the clothing that I wore.

Again, what I LIKE may be completely different from what YOU LIKE. I have tested out my gear, my packing techniques, what I wear, and how I prepare for events via doing them repeatedly until I have NO issues with these things. Someone once scoffed at me about how obsessed I am with doing GORUCK events… I laughed at them, smiled, and walked away. Because in reality, this “obsession” is my way of trying to figure out ways to “be comfortable while being uncomfortable” in the heat of a event while also trying to embrace the few things that I will have control over. Some people may see it as an obsession, but I see it as practice and preparation.

Things to think about (for any endurance event):

  • Do you have your foot care under control? What will you do to QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY fix your feet in the middle of a event that will allow you to keep going?
  • How has your nutrition been leading up to the event? Yes, this also includes hydration
  • Undergarments: are they working with you or against you? Ladies have additional clothing we have to consider and plan for (what type of bra to wear).
  • Chaffing….this is a real thing and can be a HUGE issue. What have you done to help prevent it. BUT, when you do get it, what are you going to do to minimize more injury and pain.

Having to tell all of my friends and family that I did not complete this event was like a dagger to my heart (and my ego) each time I had to talk about it. Not succeeding in something you train hard for is very humbling but also educational. You learn more about the person you are and appreciate those that are around you to encourage and support you.  You also learn that you are no exception to life’s rules and that you have to work harder than those that are around you to succeed.

Most importantly THANK YOU to my support crew. They support me not only before, during, and after GORUCK events.  They also support me in all aspects of my life. Without my support crew I honestly would not be as successful as I am today (and that includes the people that are also not show in this picture).

So for now… this is the closest I will get to a Selection patch…

Will I attempt GORUCK Selection in 2018?  I guess you will have to wait and see…



…What are the eight best foods to eat while dieting?…

There are so many ways that one can invest in to lose weight such as going to the gym, taking weight loss supplements and also dieting. Keep in mind that dieting does not require you to starve yourself as it is considered unhealthy and therefore instead on expected to consume foods that are less in calories. Food is essential as it supplies our bodies with the correct nutrients and eating the healthy foods in the proper amounts can aid you in your journey to weight loss.

What are the eight best foods to eat while dieting?

1. Watermelon

This is a great fruit packed with antioxidant chemicals essential for lowering the risk of getting cancer, heart diseases and also vision loss. The fruit is also packed with vitamins like A and C and most importantly has fewer calories. A cup of watermelon contains about 50 calories and can keep you full for an entire night.

2. Avocado

We are advised to eat the healthy fats so we can be able to get rid of the bad ones from our bodies. Well, avocado is one of the best foods that supply us with the right fats. You can use the fruit in many ways such as adding it to the salad, smearing on your sandwich or just eat it raw.

3. Sweet potatoes

This is the best alternative to use instead of the usual white potato. A medium-sized sweet potato consists of half the total calories of a medium sized white potato. Also, the food comprises of fiber and vitamin like vitamin A.

4. Salmon

Meat is highly discouraged for those watching their weight but white meat especially salmon can help you with your journey. The fish is packed with essential omega 3 and fatty acids that are useful in preventing heart disease. Also, the fish contains low calories too. If you are not able to prepare your salmon dish, consider ordering an already made dish from https://www.foodpanda.sg/restaurant/s3gn/penang-seafood- restaurant.

5. Eggs

Protein is the best food group to eat if you want to lose weight fast and it is also recommended for the people who are dieting. Eggs help one to feel fuller for a long time hence leading to less consumption of calories. You can boil your eggs or poach them for the best results.

6. Apples

Apples are packed with fibers since a medium-sized apple can provide you with about 4 grams of fiber. Also, studies show that fiber helps in weight loss as it reduces appetite and keeps you full for long and we cannot forget that apples have few calories. You can have your apple as your lunch snack.

7. Oatmeal

This is another meal that is packed with fiber and fewer carbohydrates. Also, the meal does not contain a high concentration of sugars and therefore having a plate of oat in the morning instead of a white toast will significantly help you in your dieting journey.

8. Nuts

Nuts consist of good fats and have proteins. Therefore, if you feel hungry in the day, instead of buying sweetened snacks, consider purchasing a pack of nuts as they contain fewer calories, are healthy and also keeps you full for longer. Some of the nuts to buy are the peanuts or cashew nuts.

…Couples Workout Videos and How to Get Started…

That couples who exercise together reap a lot of benefits is no secret anymore. There are all the health perks, of course, and the motivation a workout partner is able to give when you need it the most – but there’s also a few sexy benefits to exercising together.

Image link: Pexels

Here is a quick and nifty guide to the best channels out there if you’d like to get started right away, as well a few motivation boosters in case one of you needs some convincing.

Getting the blood pumping during a good gym session is not all that different from getting the blood pumping in the bedroom, which should be reason enough to get you both off the couch.

Hit Youtube first

Many workout videos for couples are found on YouTube these days, and the ones who know how to push you to reach your goals will even guide you through it for free.

Keep in mind that some of these coaches may use language that you find offensive, such as bikini bodies, for example, or getting your stomach ready for the beach.

Pay no attention to this and carry on with your exercise nonetheless. Popsugar Fitness is one of these excellent channels that couples of any fitness level may benefit from. The exercises in these videos are not necessarily for couples exclusively, but it’s still easy for both of you to follow through with it even if one of you is in better shape than the other.

Popsugar fitness posted a video that went viral a few years ago of this couple’s insane workout routine, by the way, so have a look and get your muscles inspired.

Find the fittest couples on Instagram

Those who succeed with both their relationships and their workout goals tend to boast an awful lot, and they tend to do so on Instagram. While their stable lives may annoy us, we can still benefit from all of this by looking them up on Instagram – and copying their workout behavior.

Balance your way into a double tree pose, for example, inspired by Instagrammer @kristina_gangthewolf or sink down into an in-sync squat together with @gypsetgoddess and try to gaze into each other’s eyes without making it awkward. It’s a challenge.

But why should we exercise together?

Besides from having a workout buddy you can lean on at all times, exercising with your partner is a serious relationship booster as well. Seeing each other work hard to reach those goals, working up a sweat, and taking care of themselves is a sure way to make you fall in love with them all over again.

Plus, you’ll be able to inspire each other to go for a run a bit more often. Imagine staying on the couch while your partner put on their running shoes, ready and pumped for a brisk jog in the rain? It sounds lovely, right?

No, scratch that last part – you need to support each other, and most people follow through with their workout routine when they have a partner to boost their motivation.

It will keep you healthy, active, and in a much better mood as well, so why not enjoy the feeling together?


…9 Training Tips for Beginners…

Image Source Flickr

9 Training Tips for Beginners.

1. Do not Push too Hard too Fast.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that people who are new to training make, and even those who are used to training can be found guilty of pushing too hard. There are many well documented cases of even world level sports stars and athletes over exerting themselves in training or by trying to do too much and causing themselves injury.

2. Make use of the Expertise and Information Available to you.

I am referring of course to the qualified staff members in your respective gym, they have more knowledge than you will have as a newbie so please make the most of it. The more effort you actually put into learning the foundational building blocks of strength and endurance training the more you will reap the benefits of all your hard work, it will be crucial in helping you adapt to incorporating working out as part of a daily routine.

3. Set Goals, write them down and go out and get it done.

If you are new to weight training for example, you might have a long term goal of wanting to bench press 100% of your body weight for 3 sets of 10 repetitions in 12 months time. I encourage anyone to set several long term goals, write down what it means to you, why do you want to be fitter, what areas of your life might it improve as a result of improved fitness, do you want to look a little more muscular and less skinny, or do you simply want to tone up so you can feel comfortable on the beach next summer in a bathing suit.

4. Make sure you have the appropriate clothing/accessories.

A few pointers on this issue, firstly regarding clothes. You do not need to go out and spend a fortune on the latest and greatest in base layer technology, nor the latest branded tracksuit. However, I would say that for anyone planning to run regularly for their cardiovascular training whether on a treadmill or on the pavements around town then it is probably worth your while to invest in a good pair of running shoes. You should replace your running shoes every 400 miles you run.

Your feet will be put through the ringer, especially if you haven’t properly trained before or it has been a good while since you last trained regularly. Also ensure you have comfortable well fitted clothing. Ladies might want to consider a good pair of workout leggings as they stimulate blood flow and offer a little support. Guys make sure you have a pair of comfortable briefs and good length shorts in order to avoid chafing particularly in the inner thigh area where the quads can often rub together while running or cycling. Applying petroleum jelly or similar to the vulnerable area prior to working out is a simple anti-dote.

Image Source Flickr

5. Don’t be Negative. You’ve Already Made a Big Step in the Right Direction.

Do not be put off nor intimidated in the slightest if it is your first time going to a gym, or even if it’s not and you feel intimidated by the muscular guys or the beautifully toned women. Everyone starts somewhere and the fact that you have actually made the leap into the relative unknown and dedicated sometime to actually being in a fitness environment shows that you are already making progress. Anyone will tell you, training and life itself come to think of it is as much about the mental as it is about the physical. You are now on the path to healthier stronger bones and a fitter you in general, just keep on making those steps which before you know it will amount to some pretty fantastic personal achievements for you.

6. Discipline is the Key.

You will often hear people in the fitness industry and life in general talking about the importance of motivation, motivation, motivation. The key to succeeding in your fitness goals is to maintain discipline. After all when you are tired, and all you can think is that you want to stop running, it is the discipline and the strength of mind to push on, when you are lacking the motivation and to take another step and then another. Discipline is what you need when all motivation is gone. We all have those days when we just don’t want to get out of bed, it’s cold, dark, raining and windy and it’s your day off: think of the gratification you will enjoy once you are able to start developing some of these positive lifestyle routines  will really empower you as a person in general.

7. Be in Control of You.

Ultimately by declaring to yourself that you are going to focus on getting fitter, you are ultimately stating a wish to re establish control over an aspect of your life which you perhaps feel you have left a little neglected in truth. The great thing about training is that you will undoubtedly start to feel better, for some seeing gains gives them a new lease of life and for others it can mean less but it always means something to everyone when progress is being made and absolutely anybody can do it.

8. Be Prepared to be Uncomfortable.

There are no magic formulas i.e. just lift a few weights, do some cardiovascular training and eat healthy for a few months, it just is not as easy as that. The main reason why so many people quit training is because they simply do not like to be uncomfortable. You have to be prepared to push yourself every time you workout if you want to see gains. Many people stop pushing themselves after a few weeks and then after two or 3 months when they can no longer see progress being made they lose the will to continue. This is another reason why setting smaller short term goals is also crucial the sense of achievement you get from achieving monthly or weekly goals will keep you on the ‘straight and narrow’.

9. New to Weights? Use Bodyweight!

If it’s good enough for the United States Navy SEAL/s then it is good enough for us mere mortals. One of the best and safest ways of developing a foundation of muscular strength is through the use of calisthenics. These are bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, bodyweight squats, sit-ups, pull-ups and jumping jacks. You can do these exercises in the living room without the need for any equipment and a good programme of bodyweight routines and three or four cardiovascular sessions per week for a few weeks might be a good idea before lifting weights.