…Merchandise Evaluation: SKINS Compression Pants…


SKINS was kind enough to send me some of their compression pants to try out on my own.

Overall Comments:

First I would like to say that, when you get these pants they will look small. You will order your “regular” size and when you get them and hold them up you will think.. “There is no way I will be able to fit my quad-zillas into these!”.

But, when you slide your legs into them and adjust your curves into them…they fit LIKE A GLOVE! Not like a glove that is too tight and will suffocate you.  They fit like a glove that is comfortable and that will allow you to move freely.

I will admit, the material seems somewhat thin, but I really wanted to put these pants to the TEST!

I conducted THREE fitness test wearing these pants.

  • The Yoga Test: Everyone knows yoga requires you to move freely with limited limitations (especially from what you are wearing). I found that with these pants I had ZERO issues with feeling constricted or restricted with any movements that I did.


  • The Plyo test: I regularly do plyo workouts. For those of you who do not know what plyos are, they are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). The pants did NOT slip at all (ladies!!! You know what I am talking about! When pants start to slip at your waist line and you constantly keep pulling them up to prevent your butt from showing. I had ZERO issues with that while wearing these pants.
  • The Ruck Test: My friends know that I am an avid rucker. I ruck for 3-20 miles weekly. For those of you who do not know what rucking is check out THIS LINK for more information.


Overall I would have to give these pants two thumbs up. I had NO issues what so ever. They were very comfortable, stylish, and I was able to use them in several DIFFERENT workouts and had no issues at all.

Quality for Price:

I am a firm believer that when it comes to athletic gear/clothing you get what you pay for. You are paying not for the name but for the quality and durability of the product you are using. The clothing on the SKINS site compares very similarly to competitor brands. I would say the price range is the same.

Side Note:

I will say that I will honestly purchase more of these products. I do so many races and workout in various different sports that It was very nice to find a product that molded and fit my body type. I will honestly say that I will put this gear to the test when I decide to do another obstacle course race. That will be the true test of the durability of this product.


Ranking Scale: (on a scale from 1-5)

Price: 4.0

Overall Quality: 4.0

Quality for Price: 4.5

Overall Ranking: 4.2

Yes, I really enjoyed these pants. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM TO ENTER/QUALIFY For a chance to win a pair of SKINS ! I am also going to release the offer via the Infinite Life Fitness Newsletter!



…Why I DISLIKE PokemonGO and why you should do the same…


What is Pokemon Go?

It is a FREE game that you can download on your mobile device. You navigate through your neighborhood, city streets, parks, and pretty much any public place to capture virtual creatures. The goal is to catch as many of these virtual creaturesd you can. You can then at some point battle your high-ranking creatures against opposing players creatures.

So yes, let me start by saying that I can honestly say that I DO NOT LIKE PokemonGo… I LOVE IT! And there are various reasons for my strong emotions towards this virtual pocket zoo: 

  • It forces people of all ages to get up and get outside! I now see kids in parks until the street lights come one (something that I have not seen in a LONG time).
  • It forces people to get up and get active! You have to walk around… YES PHYSICALLY WALK around to find your virtual creatures.  You can also incubate your eggs (something I will discuss in a bit) and hatch them.  BUT this can only be done via walking (or running) around.  And no worries… the games GPS does not allow you to fully “cheat”.  You can not sit cruising on the high way and collect miles on your game.  It calculates your speed, overall movement, and GPS location to determine how fast you are going. That will determine if the game will register that movement. And of course, I am sure there are ways to still cheat the system but what fun is it if you have to cheat to get ahead in the game!?
  • People are utilizing local landmarks, local monuments, and local parks more than they were previously being used. The game creates “PokeStops” where you can collect PokeItems to use in the game. These PokeStops are typically located at local monuments/landmarks/parks.
  • This game is giving families something to do TOGETHER! Each person in the family can download the app. The family can set aside days/times to walk around their neighborhood and play the game. It also allows for a great thing to play when you want to walk your pets. Overall this game is getting people to get up and be more active!

Now with anything there is a downside. People are not using the game like they should.  People are driving slowly to try to collect their creatures and causing car accidents.  People are not paying attention and are wondering into protected areas (or busy streets) to catch Pokemon or collect items from a PokeStop. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THE GAME!

Now for those who are newbies to the game (do not worry… I am still a newbie! I live vicariously thought my friends who get to play this game more than I do) here are some tips to help you out:

  • Turn off your “AR”. This will actually make it easier to catch your Pokemon.  If you like to search around your house or car through the lens of your camera phone that is fine. But if you are in a public place that will limit that turn it on and the Pokemon will pop up on your screen right in front of you.


  • Want to get some extra XP (Experience Points). Use this quick move to add a SPIN to your pokeball. It does take some practice but makes it more fun to catch Pokemon!


  • See those leaves tossing around in the “grass” on your screen? That indicates that there is Pokemon near by. That does not mean that they Pokemon will come out so you can catch them.  It just means that there are indeed Pokemon near you.
  • Keep an eye on your “Nearby” guide. it helps to let you know what is around you!


*If you see a Pokemon that is shaded Grey (like above) That means you have not caught that kind of Pokemon yet! So you want to try to go after those to add them to your Pokedex (Your Pokemon Index/library)

  • Have you collected “berries”? Feed them to the Pokemon BEFORE you try to catch them.  This makes them “less hostile” and less willing to break through your PokeBall or run away.
  • Take advantage of PokeStops! This is where you can score some great items to save in your bag and use for later

PokeStops look like this:


  • DO catch as many Pokemon as you can. You can trade the weaker Pokemon and evolve your Pokemon to be bigger/stronger.
  • Did you get some eggs? Incubate them! As you walk you will gain “KM” (which means Kilometers) that will help to hatch those eggs. You are awarded Pokemon from those eggs that are hatched.

egg incubate

  • Run out of PokeBalls? The App does offer a “in-app” store that will allow you to pay money to purchase coins. These coins can be used to purchase items that you can use in the game (such as PokeBalls).
  • BE WARNED! This game will drain your batter and use a lot of your data! So use with caution if you are on a limited data plan. Or try to find areas that offer free wi-fi and chase Pokemon in those areas.

These are just a few things that I was able to pick up in the short time that I have been playing the game. The goal is to get Pokemon, evolve and grow them, battle them against other Pokemon and win over ‘gyms”. This is where you get more coins and XP (experience points) to help to progress you further and further in the game.

I fell in LOVE with this game when I realized that so many people were actually getting up and going outdoors! I have had several client say that their kids look forward to the long walks they take to play the game.  I get excited to drive past local parks and see swarms of people walking/running/roaming around. I am sad that people do not have this natural excitement to get up and get active. BUT, at least people are finding something to be excited about and something that is giving them a workout (even if they do not realize that they are actually exercising!). This game is a HUGE win because it is getting people to get outside, get active, and have fun at the same time! 

So grab a mobile device, grab some comfy shoes (and water), pick a team (Team Blue, Yellow, or Red), and go catch you some POKEMON!

… What to do w/ what it do: Product Review Simple Tote & Tough Clutch…

This post is for sure dedicated to my Boss Ass Babes (BAB’s) that love to do endurance events.

GORUCK is doing a GREAT job at trying to create some items that will appeal to the ladies.  This has included RUCK with curved straps (to make the chest straps more comfortable for our lady lumps), t-shirts, and now these totes and clutches.


GORUCK Simple Tote:


I have to admit, this was one item that I immediately purchased when it was released.  My friends refer to me as “The Bag Lady” because when I travel I always have a ton of bags with me.  My friends see it as obsessive packing and clutter… I see it as organization. Let me break it down for you…

I am going on a 5 day trip which will include me doing a 5 K in the middle of the trip. I typically will have bags (similar to the size of the GORUCK totes) filled what clothing or whatever I need for each day.  I will distinctively put ALL of my race gear into the PINK bag so it is easy for me to find.  So this eliminates me having to dump my suitcase when I travel.  I just look for whatever bag I need, grab it, and go! It also helps me to triple check that I have packed everything that I need.  Because I am packing a specific race bag I can make sure that I have EVERYTHING I need for the race in that bag. So in a essence it is also like a packing check list for me.  I will put the filled bag in my suitcase when I know I have everything I need in it. If I am missing something I will set the bag out until I have what I need and then place it in my suitcase.

These bags are GREAT! For me they are the PERFECT size for every day travel.  I have used them at the grocery store and when traveling (to have my food, ipad, and other important things) to have easy access to the things I know I will need. Not to mention there is a small side pocket that is located INSIDE of the bag which is also a great asset to the tote.

Bag measurements:

Dimensions 14″ x 10″ x 5.5″
Volume 12.6L

I do have ONE slight concern.  There is no way to close the bag or keep it closed.  For instance, when I travel with this bag on the plane and I have to put it on the floor under the seat in front of me…the contents of this bag fall out.  My quick fix is that I just tie the straps together.  BUT I do wish there was a Velcro or zipper at the opening of the bag to have a way to close it if needed. The traps are very strong and the material is very durable. These bags were made to last and undergo daily abuse.

Other than that one slight issue… I really enjoy the bag and will use them regularly (especially while I travel).


GORUCK Tough Tote: 



This is also a great asset to have to your gear inventory ladies. I bought one and will get more! This clutch is perfect to hold your keys, your phone, and any other items that you need easy access to.  I will use this clutch alone or I will toss it in my Ruck (or purse) so I can easily find the contents that I need.

This is a great size and is very durable.

MY ONLY wish is that it was made in another size that was slightly bigger than the “large”. Like I said, it is a great size BUT I wish it was just a little bigger. And maybe come with a wrist strap that can be attached to it.

I am happy that GORUCK is making more items for the ladies. I am excited to see what else they are able to come up with.  When I can I will  purchase those items and let you know what I think/how I feel about them.  I have purchased a few things from GORUCK and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed (and used) all of the items that I have purchased.

I give these items two thumbs up! So ladies, feel free to grab some. Fellas… if you are looking for the perfect gift for your lady I highly suggest these.