…9 Training Tips for Beginners…

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9 Training Tips for Beginners.

1. Do not Push too Hard too Fast.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that people who are new to training make, and even those who are used to training can be found guilty of pushing too hard. There are many well documented cases of even world level sports stars and athletes over exerting themselves in training or by trying to do too much and causing themselves injury.

2. Make use of the Expertise and Information Available to you.

I am referring of course to the qualified staff members in your respective gym, they have more knowledge than you will have as a newbie so please make the most of it. The more effort you actually put into learning the foundational building blocks of strength and endurance training the more you will reap the benefits of all your hard work, it will be crucial in helping you adapt to incorporating working out as part of a daily routine.

3. Set Goals, write them down and go out and get it done.

If you are new to weight training for example, you might have a long term goal of wanting to bench press 100% of your body weight for 3 sets of 10 repetitions in 12 months time. I encourage anyone to set several long term goals, write down what it means to you, why do you want to be fitter, what areas of your life might it improve as a result of improved fitness, do you want to look a little more muscular and less skinny, or do you simply want to tone up so you can feel comfortable on the beach next summer in a bathing suit.

4. Make sure you have the appropriate clothing/accessories.

A few pointers on this issue, firstly regarding clothes. You do not need to go out and spend a fortune on the latest and greatest in base layer technology, nor the latest branded tracksuit. However, I would say that for anyone planning to run regularly for their cardiovascular training whether on a treadmill or on the pavements around town then it is probably worth your while to invest in a good pair of running shoes. You should replace your running shoes every 400 miles you run.

Your feet will be put through the ringer, especially if you haven’t properly trained before or it has been a good while since you last trained regularly. Also ensure you have comfortable well fitted clothing. Ladies might want to consider a good pair of workout leggings as they stimulate blood flow and offer a little support. Guys make sure you have a pair of comfortable briefs and good length shorts in order to avoid chafing particularly in the inner thigh area where the quads can often rub together while running or cycling. Applying petroleum jelly or similar to the vulnerable area prior to working out is a simple anti-dote.

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5. Don’t be Negative. You’ve Already Made a Big Step in the Right Direction.

Do not be put off nor intimidated in the slightest if it is your first time going to a gym, or even if it’s not and you feel intimidated by the muscular guys or the beautifully toned women. Everyone starts somewhere and the fact that you have actually made the leap into the relative unknown and dedicated sometime to actually being in a fitness environment shows that you are already making progress. Anyone will tell you, training and life itself come to think of it is as much about the mental as it is about the physical. You are now on the path to healthier stronger bones and a fitter you in general, just keep on making those steps which before you know it will amount to some pretty fantastic personal achievements for you.

6. Discipline is the Key.

You will often hear people in the fitness industry and life in general talking about the importance of motivation, motivation, motivation. The key to succeeding in your fitness goals is to maintain discipline. After all when you are tired, and all you can think is that you want to stop running, it is the discipline and the strength of mind to push on, when you are lacking the motivation and to take another step and then another. Discipline is what you need when all motivation is gone. We all have those days when we just don’t want to get out of bed, it’s cold, dark, raining and windy and it’s your day off: think of the gratification you will enjoy once you are able to start developing some of these positive lifestyle routines  will really empower you as a person in general.

7. Be in Control of You.

Ultimately by declaring to yourself that you are going to focus on getting fitter, you are ultimately stating a wish to re establish control over an aspect of your life which you perhaps feel you have left a little neglected in truth. The great thing about training is that you will undoubtedly start to feel better, for some seeing gains gives them a new lease of life and for others it can mean less but it always means something to everyone when progress is being made and absolutely anybody can do it.

8. Be Prepared to be Uncomfortable.

There are no magic formulas i.e. just lift a few weights, do some cardiovascular training and eat healthy for a few months, it just is not as easy as that. The main reason why so many people quit training is because they simply do not like to be uncomfortable. You have to be prepared to push yourself every time you workout if you want to see gains. Many people stop pushing themselves after a few weeks and then after two or 3 months when they can no longer see progress being made they lose the will to continue. This is another reason why setting smaller short term goals is also crucial the sense of achievement you get from achieving monthly or weekly goals will keep you on the ‘straight and narrow’.

9. New to Weights? Use Bodyweight!

If it’s good enough for the United States Navy SEAL/s then it is good enough for us mere mortals. One of the best and safest ways of developing a foundation of muscular strength is through the use of calisthenics. These are bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, bodyweight squats, sit-ups, pull-ups and jumping jacks. You can do these exercises in the living room without the need for any equipment and a good programme of bodyweight routines and three or four cardiovascular sessions per week for a few weeks might be a good idea before lifting weights.

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