…Have You Been Fooled By These Faddy Fitness Trends?…

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Currently, the  fitness industry is worth billions of dollars. In America alone new products come to the market every few weeks, while store shelves are bursting with celebrity endorsed fitness trends, exercise equipment, and even bespoke diet plans you can do at home. However, you don’t need to spend lots of money on getting fit; there are numerous free resources including online tutorials, fitness blogs and even health shows. Gym membership discounts are available especially if you’re a student or on low income and payment plans are exceedingly popular. Staff are hugely passionate about helping people reach their full potential. They are also there to assist those who’ve fallen for faddy fitness trends, diet pills, waist trainers, expensive smoothie machines and bespoke athletic clothing. While a few of these products are positive, others are often a waste of money while some can even cause serious damage to our health.

Waist Trainers

Back in mid-2016 these odd, corset like contraptions were being seen on everyone from Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande. Products that are essentially throwbacks to old fashioned girdles were rebranded, produced in modern brightly colored material and sold on every second, or third fitness website as waist trainers. They work, if you can say that, by helping to reduce the size of your waist, accentuating any curves you do have to create the once popular 50s style hourglass silhouette. While Instagram feeds became flooded with the Kardashian sisters posing in their gear health experts soon gave their opinions, and the verdicts weren’t good. Wearing a tight corset for prolonged periods of time in the hopes that it’ll replace a workout is a bad idea for a start, these constricting garments are incredibly hard to breathe in so you could end up feeling quite ill. Not only that, but historians have shown just how dangerous corsets were they squashed organs, broke ribs and compressed the lungs. Spot weight loss i.e. targeting one area of fat very rarely works, and doctors have often stated what you believe is a reduction may just be temporary as fat tends to shift anyway.

Exercise Chairs

One of the strangest ever fitness trends has to be the Hawaii, or hula chair. Users buy a plastic folding chair like one you’d use for camping that promises to tone muscles. The amazing chair also comes with a book of workout exercises that can be done sitting down, but the problem with this is that unless you have mobility issues that hinder you from standing, the whole point of exercising is to move around. At the time the chair’s manufacturers made a lot of noise about the ‘special swivel base’ meaning that it promised to help you slide, rock and twist pounds away but you’re doing very little strenuous exercise whatsoever.

Vibrating Weights

We’re not saying that weight training isn’t good for you. In fact, if you’re looking for a sport that’ll help you tone, not bulk up, get fit and lose weight as well as reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis when you’re older then weight, or strength training is what you’ve been looking for. Men and women swear by this sport and this year women only weight lifting classes are becoming more and more popular. No the problem here lies with home fitness equipment, first made popular in the early eighties that can still be bought today. Vibrating weights, dumbbells, belts and even thigh trainers are often far more expensive than their non vibrating counterparts, and apart from making your teeth chatter or feel like a phone that’s been ringing non-stop, they don’t do that much.

Toning Shoes

These ‘incredible’ high performance trainers retail for hundreds of dollars and promise to transform your workout entirely. Toning shoes sculpt themselves to your feet, supposedly changing the way you walk, improving your balance and helping you run for longer. Celebrities like Kelly Brook also claim that they help tone your legs, lengthen your stride and help you melt away those extra calories. Sounds promising right? According to several medical bodies including the American Council On Exercise these trainers are still just shoes, simply putting them on isn’t going to magically transform your body. In reality, you’re better off spending the money on an extra gym session, using data to learn more about piyo, taking a swimming class or even stocking up on healthy foods.

Weight Loss Pills

Stocked prominently in drugstores, and more than a little unfairly, beside women’s health tablets, sanitary products, and even birth control is a sign that says weight loss products. Now, these can mean anything from expensive meal replacement shakes, health bars and snack packs to pills and potions that promise to aid weight loss. Even though products do state ‘results dependent on diet and exercise’ many consumers are lured in by the promise of exotic ingredients like hydroxycitric acid, chromium picolinate, or ephedra. Unfortunately, at best these’ll do nothing whatsoever but in rare cases, it’s possible to develop serious health problems from taking too many weight loss pills as they can, over time, put severe strain on your heart.

Celebrity Fitness DVDs

Every year we’re inundated by new celebrity, and online personality fitness plans, workouts and exercise DVDs. Normally released in January, to coincide with post-Christmas guilt, these shiny, colorful and spray tanned individuals show pictures of how unflattering they looked before. However, it’s all ok now, because having done the DVD they look toned, tanned and in full hair and makeup. They ‘promise’ that with this ‘amazing’ plan you can lose x amount of weight while still being able to eat what you like. This is the first sign that you should look elsewhere for a good fitness guide because nobody, not even Beyonce, can eat what they like and not gain any weight.

Secondly, they’ll introduce the, slightly cheesy, fitness instructor and despite treating them like they’re their best friend, it’s clear that the instructor thinks the idea’s utter garbage too. A great way to tell if a celebrity, or online personality is serious about fitness is if they still look the same twelve months to twenty months after the DVD’s been released.
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…Three Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts…

Are you currently on a fitness journey? If so, congratulations! You’ll be joining millions of people all over the world who have taken the incentive to turn their lives around by changing their diet and their attitude towards health and fitness. Getting fit is about so much more than simply eating more fruit and losing weight – it can give you a new found confidence and can transform the way you think about yourself. But if you are new to the game, one thing you may have noticed is that you’re just not seeing results. This is something that plagues many fitness newcomers when they first start out and can be difficult to overcome – as seeing changes and results in ourselves is often what motivates us to keep going. When you can’t do something or you feel the same as you did before you started, it can be very tempting to just pack it all in and revert back to your old ways. But before you do that, stop and remember why you started in the first place! Plus, remember that there is always a way – what works for your friend in terms of fitness, for example, may not necessarily work for you. Everyone’s bodies are different, so it’s important you find a routine that fits you like a glove. If you’re not where you want to be in your fitness journey currently, here are the top things which could be stopping you and how you can turn it around.

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The wrong diet

The word ‘diet’ is a contentious one in the fitness world, as it implies restricting yourself of certain foods, or restricting the quantity of food you consume. Most health and fitness professionals would tell you instead of dieting, you should change your lifestyle as a whole. But that said, it is very easy to get caught up in fad diets. Many of them promise hugely wild results that play on the desires we have for our bodies, whether you are wanting to lose weight or to gain muscle. But sometimes, following these to the tee can do more harm than good. For example, you may have heard that cutting out wheat and gluten will help you shift the pounds, or that you need to stop eating carbs and instead replace them with proteins. While some of this might be true and might work for certain individuals, don’t go into a fitness plan like this blindly thinking it will work for you. Always speak to your doctor and a health professional first before making any drastic changes to your diet. Generally speaking, you should be eating from all major food groups in order to maintain a healthy diet and weight, and certainly don’t deprive your body of the nutrients it needs – after all, where’s the fun in that?!

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Physical boundaries

When we are feeling inspired, we often head to the gym and try to push our bodies as far as they can go. But usually, we leave feeling disheartened if we can’t achieve what we thought we were capable of. Many people forget about the fragility of their bodies – although they are amazing machines and can do so much for us, we also need to take care of them in return. Trying to push through an injury just to get the results you want isn’t going to do you or your body any favors – you could end up doing yourself serious damage. Don’t just brush off any pain you get when working out – get it sorted as soon as possible!  Pay attention to the warnings on gym machines too – if you do feel light-headed or out of breath, stop immediately. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t ever be embarrassed if you can only do 10 minutes on the treadmill at first. If you do end up getting hurt, you might need to visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor who specializes in certain sporting injuries.  That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t still hit the gym after an injury – but just be mindful of the type of exercises you do. If you have suffered with an injury like shin splints, maybe trade the treadmill in for the pool if you have such facilities at your disposal.

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Expecting too much

One fatal error many people make when they have decided to get fit is expecting to achieve their goals in barely any time at all. This is why a lot of people, especially women, DO end up going on so called ‘crash diets’ – because they do offer quick, short term results. What most people don’t taken into account is that as soon as the diet is finished, the weight piles back on. Plus these kind of ‘quick fixes’ can be very dangerous for your metabolism and can even be a leading cause behind other, more serious health issues. Social media also has a distinct role to play in distorting people’s opinions and expectations of what certain fitness regimes can do for you. The general public used to be obsessed with film stars and singers – now, some of the most famous people on Instagram are personal trainers and ‘fitness gurus‘. These people can amass millions of followers who hang onto their every word, and, through their online accounts, make getting that 6 pack look easy. It is important to remember that these accounts only show the good workout days – not the ones where the person in question was too busy to fit in a gym session and ended up just ordering a Dominos when they got home. While many of these accounts are great for getting you inspired, be wary of some of them, as they can actually do more harm than good. Weight loss, muscle gain and improving general fitness are not things that happen overnight. They take time, dedication and a total lifestyle overhaul, so keep at it and in the end, you WILL see the results you want.

…Are You Making These Mistakes On Your Fitness Journey?…

If you’re serious about getting results on your fitness journey, then you’re going to want to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. Many people are making the mistakes in this post without realising it. Take a look and see if they could be hindering you!

Starving Yourself

Some people think that they’ll get faster results if they starve themselves. While you might make progress at the beginning, you will eventually stall. Then, you’ll do one of 2 things. You’ll either binge, as your body will want to make up for the food you’ve restricted. You won’t be able to stop! Or, you will develop disordered eating. Starving yourself is not healthy or sustainable. You need to make sure you’re nourishing your body with the right kinds of foods, not punishing and starving it. Eat whole foods, such as broccoli, sweet potato, lean proteins, and other healthy things. If you want to lose fat, yes you need to be in a bit of a deficit. However, this deficit needs to be sustainable so you can meet your goals over time, the healthy way. Losing more than 2 pounds per week is not healthy, and means you’re likely losing more than fat. Nourish your body!


Do you think that spending hours on the treadmill is going to get you the body you want? It won’t! Sure, it feels good to know you’ve burned loads of calories. However, you’re going to burn out. After a certain point, your body will start burning muscle, which won’t do anything for the shape of your body. You’re also going to get pretty bored of cardio. There’s no reason you should be doing more than 30 minutes of cardio a day, unless you are doing a competition and you have a coach who knows what they are doing!

Not Having Clear Goals

If you don’t have clear goals, you’re not really going to get anywhere. Do you want to lose fat, or build muscle? They are the two main goals you can choose from. Some people try to do both at once, but it’s pretty impossible. Define your goals and then revisit them every so often. This is one reason many people give up. They haven’t defined their goals, and they give up because they aren’t getting results!


Doing The Wrong Type Of Exercise For Your Goals

You want to build muscle, but you’re doing a ton of cardio? Or maybe you’re lifting weights, but you’re doing high reps and really low weights. You’re not going to get anywhere. You must do the right kind of exercise for your goals. If you look for bodybuilding coupons you might just be able to find a suitable plan that won’t break the bank.

Trying To Rush The Process

Getting fit and healthy, and building the body you want takes time. Trying to rush the process is unhealthy. Learn to love the process and you will do well!

Not Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress is crucial. This doesn’t mean weighing yourself every day. It means measuring yourself and taking pictures at the same time once a week. It also means taking note of how much faster and stronger you’re getting!


…A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body: How Exercise Boosts Your Brain…

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We all know about the benefits that exercise has on our bodies. Different activities have different purposes, and a wide range of gym workouts will allow you to stay on top of personal fitness. But that’s just one part of health. There is another side which is at least equally important to good muscle tone and speedy injury recovery. What should you be doing to ensure your mind is fit, too?

After all, the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body can be traced back to the first few centuries AD. The Roman poet Juvenal talked about “mens sana in corpore sano”. But we have moved away from the idea in many ways, with a lot of people focusing more on one than on the other. But there are clear and obvious benefits to taking a more holistic approach.

If You’re Looking To Resolve An Issue, Take A Walk

All too often, we spend hours thinking about an issue and feel no more sure at the end of those hours than when we started. Sitting down and brainstorming can help, but it can also leave us with more questions than answers. Instead, it might be an idea to put on those walking shoes and pound the pavement (or any other terrain) for awhile.

It’s been demonstrated that regular walking helps build connections between brain cells. It’s also been proven to stave off the age-related withering of brain tissue. Perhaps as important, it physically distances you from the space where you’ve been struggling for answers. This has a related psychological effect into the bargain,

If You Want To Think More Clearly, Get On Your Bike

We’re always reading about the benefits of cycling – it’s good for the environment and keeps you in shape. Those are two reasons that in and of themselves make it worthwhile. If you’re concerned that you need to look like a dayglo nightmare to do it, don’t be. Classy cycling gear is available from an increasing number of sources such as Retro2Ride.com.

What’s more, there is more and more evidence that regular cycling will help your brain as much as it boosts your body. If you’re familiar with the feeling of “brain fog” (http://www.prevention.com/health/brain-fog-and-your-health), you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Cycling boosts the building and upkeep of neurons in your brain – which help you think quicker and sharper.

If You Want To Ace Decision-Making, Give Yoga A Try

We are all by now aware of the benefits of brain-training apps and how they promote a healthy mind. However, surprisingly, there are better ways to boost the decision-making parts of your brain.

Focusing on a study group of people with impaired cognitive function, a recent experiment indicated that yoga may be the answer. Over the course of twelve weeks, half the group followed a brain-training course and the other half took up yoga.

Both groups showed highly impressive results. However, the yoga group out-performed the brain training group. Indeed, not only did cognitive performance improve, they saw a marked boost in how different parts of their brains worked together.

Then again, there is nothing to say you can’t do both – it never hurts to have more than one string to your bow.

…Supplements May Not Be The Sin We’re Led To Believe. Here’s How To Make Sure You’re Taking Them Right…

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We all know that exercise is the best way to keep fit. Nothing beats it. Even so, it’s sometimes not possible to exercise the way we would like. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, or have an ongoing health condition, the weight may start piling on. In those times, it can be tempting to turn to supplements to do the hard work you can’t. It’s understandable you would want help through your struggle. Even so, it’s all too easy to get supplements wrong. If you’re at the end of your tether, it’s important you follow these steps before going down the wrong path!


Being honest with yourself about why you’re using supplements is important. If you take them without thought, you’re more likely to become reliant. If you’re taking diet supplements to lose extra weight, be clear about your goal. Make sure to stop taking them once you reach it. If you’re taking supplements to bulk yourself, work out why you feel the need. Keep in mind that supplements are a temporary solution. As soon as you’re capable of exercising, you should stop taking them! Or, if you’re taking vitamin supplements, work out why that is. What’s lacking from your diet that makes you need to take them?


The supplement world can be shady. It’s important you research to ensure you’re not taking something that’s not approved. Shop only from trusted sources. Many supermarkets and health food stores sell supplements you know you can trust. If you do buy online, make sure to check the products meet the necessary requirements. Do a little research about which supplements doctors approve of. Keep up with the latest diet supplements and exercise aids, so you ensure you don’t miss any developments with the products you’re using. Ingredients are tested all the time. An approved product could be removed from the market any moment.

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Researching individual products isn’t all you should consider. You should also have an understanding of the ingredients in the supplements you’re using. You should know as much as possible about everything you put into your body. When shopping for supplements, take note of all ingredients listed. Find out as much as you can about each one. Look for any adverse side effects there might be. Consider whether it’s worth putting yourself through that. Try to find out, too, what doctors have to say about those ingredients. It may shock you to learn the truth!


It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be taking supplements unless you have to. Spend some serious time considering whether supplements are a path you want to go down. Even if you’re out of action for a while, you could be back on your feet in no time. Okay, so you may have some extra work to do if you let your body go. Even so, you’ll get back in shape in no time!


…Why Fit Means Fab When It Comes To Your Career…

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We all know that being physically fit has a whole host of benefits for your body. Regular exercise helps to keep you at a healthy weight, and to feel and look at your peak. But did you know that being fit can have lots of advantages for your career? Find out why your daily run, walk, trip to the gym or exercise class is even better for you than you thought…

  • ·  Better concentration skills

Taking part in regular exercise helps you to focus your mind on the task at hand. If you are working out daily or even just a few times a week, you will be regulating the blood supply to your brain which can help you to feel alert and able to take on even the most challenging of tasks. If you work in a role that requires close, detailed work, like office administration, your physical fitness will be a great asset.

  • ·   Increased self-confidence

Getting your heart rate up with a good workout helps you to burn any excess fat so that you look your best. If you look good, you will also feel good. In addition, the challenges you face during your fitness sessions will help to develop your self-esteem. Being super confident is a great asset in several careers, especially sales. Find out how you can use those skills with people who share your positive attitude by having a look at AlgaeCal reviews.

  • ·    Cope better

Getting your groove on with regular workouts means that you are much better able to cope with whatever comes your way. Ever had the infamous ‘runner’s high’? It’s the feeling you get half-way through or at the end of your running session that has you grinning all day. The reason for this is that a good exercise session produces endorphins, which are natural feel good chemicals released by the brain. Feeling so great means that if you’re in a pressurised role like teaching or the emergency services, you will automatically approach problems in a positive, calm manner.

  • Enhance your CV

Many employers are impressed by the mental strength and tenacity that comes with a candidate who is at the peak of physical fitness. These are attributes that will serve you well in any industry, so don’t be afraid to tell prospective employers about your exercise and the sports you enjoy taking part in. If you play team sports, that’s even better – as bosses will be able to see that you can work with others in a productive manner that gets results. There is not a single employer who does not want candidates who are team players!

Physical fitness is something that is hard won, but the many advantages make it well worth the effort. If you think you’ve been letting your standards slip during the cold winter months, get back into your routine as soon as possible. Find easy ways to get started on this page. Your health and happiness will soar, and your career could seriously take off – what more reason do you need to make sure that you’re at your absolute best?!


…Drop the Fad Diets, Here’s How to Really Lose Weight…

It might still be early in the year, but summer is going to arrive and before you know it, you’re going to be kicking yourself for not getting in shape to fit into your summer outfit when you head to the beach. But let’s face it, losing weight isn’t something that just happens overnight or even over the course of a few weeks. Several months is a more likely time frame for visible weight loss, and that’s if you remain disciplined throughout the entire time.


Unfortunately, weight loss has been twisted by the media and different publications. Too many people believe that going on a fad diet for a couple of weeks or working out for a short period of time can achieve noticeable weight loss. And while it’s true that you’ll see some losses, they’re only temporary.

Staying Healthy is a Lifestyle

You can’t just go on a diet for a month and call yourself healthy. Changes to our body happen over a long period of time and maintaining our weight is no exception to this. Think of it this way: if you find yourself overweight, then it’s most likely because you’ve been following unhealthy habits for a long time. When you lose weight, it’s extremely easy to put it back on because you’re accustomed to eating snacks and not exercising, so your body adjusts to your old ways more easily than it can to your new diet. Now compare it to the fit friends you envy, the people that you see wolfing down an entire burger on a weekly basis but don’t put on weight. Their bodies are accustomed to being healthy and as a result, their metabolism works differently.

Motivation is Key

People are more likely to lose weight when attempting to do it alongside friends, family members or even friendly personal trainers. The more help you get, the more motivation you have. If you’ve decided to lose weight, then there has to be some motivation behind it—a reason for doing so. Perhaps you have underlying health issues or you’re afraid of developing obesity-related diseases in the future. Maybe you’re having a hard time at your job because you aren’t physically fit anymore, or perhaps your significant other wants you to eat more healthily to set a good example for your children. Whatever your reasons, stick to them like glue and never lose sight of your goals.

“Get Fit Quick” is a Scam

As mentioned before, maintaining good health and weight is a lengthy process that is determined by your lifestyle. Don’t buy into ridiculous claims of diets or exercise regimes that can help you burn fat in just a week or something outrageous. You’re not going to burn off fat if you work at it for a week and then can’t be bothered. You need to make small and manageable changes to your lifestyle to keep the weight off for good instead of relying on short-term solutions. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest, or clean the house more regularly and get more active.

…Three Reasons Trampolining May be the Next Big Thing in Fitness…

Three Reasons Trampolining May be the Next Big Thing in Fitness

Did you know jumping on a trampoline is a healthy and efficient workout? Trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore; they can be used the next time you’re looking for a different type of cardio or to rejuvenate a boring fitness regime. Jumping on trampolines is a unique workout offering a great balance of high intensity and low impact. Quite possibly the next big thing for personal trainers, here are three reasons you should “jump on it:”

  1. More efficient

The Journal of Physiology published a report completed by NASA scientists explaining the benefits of jumping on a trampoline, often called rebounding.  The scientists even went as far as to say that the benefits are “greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running.” Additionally, more calories are burned during one hour of jumping on a trampoline compared to one hour of jogging. If you’re trying to get back into a regular workout routine after the holidays, trampoline rebounding won’t get you out of breath as quickly as jogging either! You can easily control the intensity of the workout, and stay going for longer.

  1. Lower impact

Another great benefit of trampoline jumping vs. running is it is better for your joints.  TIME magazine published an article reviewing the positive effects of exercise on trampolines and “even though the motions are similar in jumping, the trampoline absorbs some of that shock, causing the impact forces on the feet and lower extremities to ease up.”  Your joints will surely thank you in the long term for keeping them in mind.  With many great options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with your choice in trampolines.

  1. FUN!

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that working out on a trampoline is fun. Making your workout enjoyable makes it feel like a lot less work. Trampolines are also a great way to get your kids outdoors to exercise too! There are even small trampolines that can be kept inside your house and quickly pulled out for an efficient, fun workout.

There are many other great aspects of jumping on a trampoline for your workout besides those listed here. We all want to get into better shape, but we might as well have fun with it too. A trampoline can certainly help a routine to be more balanced in your long relationship with being healthy and fit.

…Tips For Getting Fit On A Budget…

With 2017 a little over a week away, the New Year’s resolutions are starting to roll out in full effect. While everyone has their own specific goals relative to their personal lives, the two most common general goals every year are to spend less and exercise more. These are great goals to have, especially after the holidays when we’ve all indulged in one too many sugary treats and spent a little extra on gifts for our loved ones. Unfortunately, these two goals don’t always go hand-in- hand.

When it comes to the physical fitness goal, the first thing that pops into mind is to join a gym. Gyms around the world see massive surges of new memberships every year in January as millions of people embark on the quest for a new, defined body. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to the gym, but if your second goal for the new year is to budget better, then another $50 per month coming out of your checking account is not the best way to start.

Luckily for you, there are tons of ways to achieve a healthy new body without the added monthly costs. Start by planning your goals, and then use some of the creative ideas below to get the workouts in motion.

Workout at home

If you’ve ever been on YouTube for longer than 15 seconds, you’ve probably scrolled past a workout video of some kind. The internet has made it easier than ever before to learn how to workout – all you have to do is perform a few searches online and you can become a workout pro in no time at all.

If you want to keep costs as low as possible, there are plenty of workout routines and videos that don’t require any equipment and can still get your blood pumping and your body sweating – meaning this option is completely free! However, if you have a little extra budget leftover from the holidays, a few pieces of home workout equipment can be a great investment for the long term.

You can stay simple with a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, or you can even step it up to something more comprehensive like a home gym. A home gym will be slightly more expensive up front, but its long-term value will be far better than any other equipment (and still much cheaper than the ongoing monthly costs of a typical commercial gym membership). If you’re a beginner and want more information, you can see the best home gyms here.

Hit the trails

If the idea of going to the gym sounds nice because it gets you out of the house, why not hit up your local trails for a hike? Hiking, or any general outdoor activities for that matter, can be a great way to improve your physical fitness without the conventional feeling of weightlifting or running on the treadmill. You could even change things up and take your bike to the trails, or just enjoy the scenic walk.

The important part is that you’re out and you’re exercising. And best of all? Heading to your local trails is 100% free, keeping your wallet as slim as your body.

Pick up a sport

Along the same vein as trail running, participating in a sport is another exercise-packed activity that can give you all the same physical benefits of the gym without the added costs. Now, you don’t have to go out and start playing tackle football with a bunch of college athletes, but playing a fun pickup game of soccer or basketball at your local park 3 times a week will have you shedding weight remarkably fast. If you have access to a pool, swimming laps is also a great alternative sport that can lean out your body through its muscular and cardiovascular demands.

The gym is a great place to get in shape, but as you can see, there are plenty of alternative options to get the sweat dripping from your body without shelling out a monthly membership fee. With that said, remember that workouts are just half the battle – you must also eat right in order to create the body you want. To combine with your low-cost workout efforts, check out our recent article on low-cost healthy eating.