…Fitness Hacks!…

If you are like me, each day can be chaotic and full of activities from the time that I wake up until I jump into bed at nigh. There are always small things that can be done to help our busy lives run a little smoother.  This can be more helpful for those who say that “they are too busy” to workout or just have a bad habit of forgetting things that are needed to go workout (leading to another reason why people make excuses to get out of working out).

Throw out junk food

This is something that I help practice with my clients.  Is there a need for a jumbo box of Twinkies or king size package of candy bars?  Sure, your kids or significant other may enjoy these treats.  If there is no reason to have them at your house limit how many of these kinds of food you have around.  It will help by not tempting you to want to eat those things.   If you do have to have them at home try to keep them in a hard to reach place or have them hidden so you can not find them.  Until you can create your own will power to stay away from those things getting help from those around you can help you to become successful with reaching your health goals.

Have a box of food that you are trying to get out of your house? Instead of throwing it away consider donating it to a local school or food bank!

Is your favorite show on tonight? Watch it WHILE you workout

This is a trick that I personally use and I tell ALL of my clients to use.  If you have 1-3 shows that you watch each week plan your cardio time DURING those shoes. You can be on the cardio equipment and not miss your favorite episode.  It will also allow you to kill two birds with one stone!

Pack a bag

Each night before I go to bed I try to get everything ready for the next day.  This includes my workout clothes.  Getting them together allows me to double check that I have everything needed so I wont forget anything.  I will place my gym bag near the door so I will not forget it when I leave in the morning. I also keep a small “emergency fitness bag” in my trunk.  This bag has the following: ear buds (because I am always losing or forgetting mine at home), socks (you never know when you forget to grab some when you wear flip flops or tights to work), sports bra (I bought a spare sports bra and keep it in the bag because sometimes all of my workout clothes are in the washer/dryer and I need one), hair ties, and an empty water bottle. Make sure to add anything that you typically forget.

You can also follow this trip to save you space if you have to pack your gym clothes in a small bag or purse:


Plan ahead!

Make sure to PLAN the days you want to workout AND what you want to do on those days.  Consider your workout time an important meeting that you have set with yourself.  If you have meetings for work or for other hobbies you are doing, do you plan your day/schedule around those meetings so you can attend them? Treat your gym session just as you would treat any other meeting you will schedule.


It is clear that most people are not drinking enough water. You want to make sure that you are allowing your body to get the hydration it needs! Here is a great trick that I teach my clients to use to help them drink more water:


Take time to recover!

Although some people enjoy working out 7 days a week, it is also recommended that you allow your body to have time to recover.  This is a great time to stretch and just let your body heal! Ice packs and self heating ointment can be great things to use to help you recover.  Here are some at-home remedies that you can try on your own:



Set realistic goals!

This is probably one of the most common mistakes.  You have to set a goal that will be reachable in a realistic amount of time. If you set goals that are hard/impossible to obtain this could contribute to you not reaching your goals. Start with a smaller goal and then gradually work towards that (adding other small goals along the way).

…EGG-cellent quick & healthy breakfast ideas…



A favorite breakfast option for most people.

The good thing about eggs… you can prepare them in various ways!

Eggs are packed with nutrition and protein!


Eggs are considered to be a “pure protein”.  What give it that unique characteristic is the fact that it carries ALL NINE essential amino acids. Amino are VERY important because they are the key components in helping your body form protein. When you consume foods, like protein, your body breaks it down into specific amino acids. Your body then rearranges them and puts them back together in a “new” form of protein. These “new” proteins can be found in your hair, skin, organs, bone, and skeletal muscles. Your body will also use protein to help repair damaged tissues and cells and upkeep and maintain your muscles.

Eggs are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids.  This is a nutrient that your body can not make so it is important that you consume them.  These omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your body.  These omega-3 fatty acids aid in helping to reduce heart disease, and research has also shown that the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to help with depression.

Eggs are “Egg-sactly” what the doctors suggest you regularly consume to help with your overall health. You do not have to make them “Egg-stravagent” or use “Egg-streme” recipes to enjoy an “Egg-ceptional” meal!

…You might be a fit chick if…

Fit women around the world may be able to relate to the day to day struggles that we often come across. I never view my fit lifestyle to be a burden, but it does tend to throw some hurdles in the way of “normal” life situations. But, maybe after seeing this post, people can view the world from our eyes.


You may be a Fit Chick If…

You have invested in the stretch…which means a high percentage of your clothes (mainly pants) are made of a material that allows them REALLY stretchy. I get it ladies! Yoga pants and workout tights are more comfortable than those leg prisons you call pants that you wear to work each day. Pants constrict/hide those muscles you have been working hard for…



You have such a huge collection of water bottles and shaker bottles that you are having to get creative with ways to store them…


You plan most extracurricular activities around your gym/workout schedule…


When “grabbing a drink” does not insinuate happy hour, and “eating on the go” has a whole new meaning…


When trying to eat food that was not originally planned, you quickly try to manipulate your macros to see how you can make that food (or drink) fit…


Speaking of Macros…you are ALWAYS hungry…


Because lifting weights causes your hands to feel like brillo pads…


Running/workout shoes take priority over ANY other shoe…


Meal Prep… Enough said…


Tupperware… Enough Said…


Words like “1RM”, “Plyos”, and “Dropsets” are apart of everyday conversations…


And by this point you are no longer hungry… you are full blown HANGRY…


#MealPrepMondays is not just planning out your meals and preparing them, it is a work of art…


During the holidays when all the holiday treats start to emerge, that is when your strength to resist temptation is truly tested…


Because you drink so much water, you are aware of  all the bathrooms that are around you…


But one of the most fun things about being a fit chick: you never pass up the opportunity to show off your gainz!


…Jennifer’s Journey: 70 Days and Counting…


It has been a while since I last posted. The school year has geared back up, I am trying to be a better teacher. The second year of teaching is definitely much more enjoyable and less stressful than the first year of teaching. Wedding planning has also been in full swing as we are working on putting together the invitations and finding a DJ!

It is exactly 70 days since my surgery and I am about 75 pounds away from my goal weight! I would have never thought it possible to not only lose weight, but also keep the weight off. Last post I wrote about the process of actually having the surgery done. That was the easy part. Well not easy, the recovery sucked, but I did not have to do much work during this part of the process. I got to get put to sleep as a surgeon tore open my body and removed a piece of it. I then was able to sleep while my body fought to repair itself. What I did not realize was how much mental and emotion strain would come after all was said and done. I would still hands down do the surgery again in a heartbeat, but the process to recovery was rocky and difficult and eye opening.

In the hospital before they would let me leave, I had to walk at least 3 times a day. This was a painful process as my incisions were still trying to heal and I was tender to the touch. The infamous Nurse Jackie would tell me that I needed to walk and walk and walk while all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep. To Nurse Jackie’s defense, the surgeon said that walking around is one of the quickest ways to encourage healing during this time period. Walking (and movement in general) forces more blood to flood to the site of surgery allowing for it to get more nutrients at a quicker rate.

I had to stay in the hospital and extra night because of the low amount of fluids that I was able to tolerate. Fluids during this period of time are extremely important to keeping your body hydrated and getting in the required nutrients. For two weeks after surgery you are on a liquid only diet. During this time my life consisted of broth, jello, popsicles, and protein shakes. I never thought that I was an emotional eater. I was not someone to sit around and eat my feelings away. But, during this two-week period I realized that food is so central to human interactions and relationships. Friends would invite me out to eat and I would have to decline because first I could not eat anything and second I was completely miserable. I hated having such a limited amount of food to choose from. There are only so many combinations of soup-jello- protein shake that you can make. During this time my fiancé was away in Guatemala on a trip that had been planned months before. I realized that for the first time that I could ever remember, I became depressed over eating. I did not want to eat and lucky for me, I did not have much of an appetite and had to force myself to eat 3-4 times a day (small meals of course) to get in my required protein. I was easily irritable and had to force myself to get up and out of bed every single day. I have struggled with depression throughout my life and I this period of time really pushed me mentally all over the place. I realized that I was not receiving my required amount of anti depression because the medicine was going through my system too quickly. This mixed with the inability to eat made me unbearable. I am so lucky that not only did my fiancé stick by me, she tried and tried and tried to do everything in her power to make me feel like I was important and that I was not going through this alone. It was one of the roughest periods of my life.


One major positive that I saw right after the surgery was the fact that I was about to cut out 2/3 rd of the medicine that I was taking. I had a blood pressure medicine to help control my migraine headaches. I was completely off of that medicine within 2 weeks post surgery. I have also seen a significant decrease in the number of migraine headaches that I’ve had. Prior to surgery, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and it has all but disappeared since. I have more energy and my skin is clearer (although I did have a few weeks of breakouts as my hormones readjusted to the weight loss).

Recently I had my one month check in with the surgeon and my primary care provider and everything checked out okay. They said that my progress is actually on the higher side and that I will probably be at my goal weight within 10-12 months even though my weight loss has definitely started to slow down (I was originally losing anywhere from 15-20 lbs a week to now losing about 5 lbs a week). I did make one unexpected pit stop to the ER (I had gastritis and an infection), but after fluids and antibiotics I was able to bounce right back. My surgeon and nutritionist have been super available and have worked with me every step of the way.

At first I did not see a difference, but now I can definitely tell, especially when trying on different outfits that have been hanging in my closet. My face is more defined and my jackets hang off of me quite a bit more. I get compliments quite a bit. It is a little weird to hear people say that I am thin (even though I wouldn’t go as far as to say that). I am still uncomfortable when people point out my weight (or lack of it) as I have been self conscious about it my entire life. This is slowly changing and I am definitely happier with how I feel overall.

…Training: what is best for you?…

With resources that you can find on dozens of fitness websites, it can be very hard to figure out what is the best workout method for you to use for your own fitness goals.  There are also various fitness trends that circulate other sites such as Pinterest that make it easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of starting a new fitness program.

The first thing that you have to do is ask:

What is your overall goal?

This is a question that I ask all of my new clients.  I have found that people like to focus on short term goals rather than the long term overall goal.  Those are great BUT you have to create a healthy lifestyle that will work with your current lifestyle.  This will allow you to properly integrate healthy habits that you will be able to sustain even after your short term goals are reached. In my experience I often see people work hard to achieve their short term goals. After that goal is reached, they stop training or practicing healthy habits and revert back to their old habits.  But, if you get people to focus on working towards long term life goals, this is when you find clients will be more successful and more satisfied with their overall healthy lifestyle.

Here is a document that I give my clients when we have our initial fitness consultation.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

You have to create an overall mind shift to get people to think of more than just short term goals.

There is a huge misconception that being healthy and fit requires you to give up a lot things that you regularly enjoy.  That is FALSE! You have to find a balance via making health and fitness fit into your current lifestyle. Integration of healthy habits makes it an easy transition and also allows for this habit to become a true habit that can be sustained for a long period of time.

If you feel that this is something that you can not do alone, there are infinite support groups that can be found online.  You can also seek the help of friends and family.  You can maybe convince them to join you so you can help to keep each other accountable.  You can also seek the help of a personal trainer or coach that can also assist you every step of the way.

Stop giving up on the idea that you can not be the healthy and fit person that you want to be! YOU have to make the decision to get up and make those needed lifestyles changes to help you reach your goals. YOU have to take those steps to set things in motion to get you closer to those goals.  YOU have the power and drive to do something about it.

…Tips for Correcting Skin Issues Using Various Skincare Methods, Including Lasers…


A lot of people put a lot of focus on mental and physical health and fail to put enough health focus on other aspects of their body. Your Skin is apart of your body that is often neglected or overlooked.

If you have skin issues that you want to correct, you will quickly find out that you have a sea of choices. But that sea can easily be reduced to the size of a small pond as you rule out options that won’t work for you. Then you will be left with only the best choices to pick from. Here are some tips that can help you decide if lasers or other skincare methods will work for you.

Know Your Skin Type and How That Can Impact Treatments

Dry skin and oily skin react in completely different ways to certain skincare treatments. The same is true of thin and thick skin, light and dark skin, or clear complexions versus scarred skin. Any one of those factors can help you rule skin treatments in or out. You can use all of them together to narrow your options down significantly.

If You Have a Laser Procedure, Have the Right One

If you are thinking of having a laser procedure done, make sure you have the right procedure and are treated by the right device. Lasers fall into many different categories, including Fraxel, ablative, and non-ablative varieties. They also specialize in different things. For example, if you want to get rid of unwanted hair then you should be treated by a hair removal machine, but if you want to get rid of unwanted wrinkles then you should use a laser type that is recommended for wrinkle removal instead.


You also need to understand that each laser model is slightly different. Some of them are better at treating people with lighter skin tones. Others are less specific and can be used on darker skin colors as well. It may take you some time to find the one that will treat your skin problems without creating more of them.

Make Sure You Understand Your Other Skincare Choices

While laser treatments can be excellent for treating some skin problems, far too many people seem to think that they are the only treatments available aside from surgery. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

One options is that you could potentially use lotions or creams to treat minor skin problems. You can even get prescription creams, if you need something a bit more potent. Another choice, if your skin issues are moderate, is to have light therapy or sound wave therapy. Both of those types of treatments can make your body produce more of its own naturally healing substances, such as collagen. There are also plenty of treatments for severe skin concerns, including microdermabrasion and chemical peels.


Don’t Get Frustrated if You Don’t See Positive Skincare Results Right Away

Many of the skincare treatments above and other skincare methods don’t work right away. Some of them take repeated applications or clinical treatments before you will start to see your skin improve.

So, one big skincare tip is don’t move from one treatment type to another too quickly. Be sure to give whatever you try a good amount of time to work before you deem it unsuccessful.

Discuss Skincare Methods with an Expert Before Choosing One

The most important thing you can do when choosing a skincare treatment is talk to an expert. They can tell you all about each treatment choice you have, the skin types each treatment tends to work well on, and how long it will take to see results. Then you can make your final choice about which skincare method to use.

…Merchandise Evaluation: prAna Jeans & Sweater…


prAna is a clothing company.  They thrive on creating versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day.

prAna was started in a garage in Carlsbad, California back in 1992. At that time yoga and climbing gear left a lot to be desired, so Beaver and Pam Theodosakis decided to create their own stylish and sustainably made clothes. They sewed the first pieces themselves, labeled them with tags made from homemade recycled paper, and shipped their orders in fruit boxes from local grocery stores.

Today, prAna is still based in Carlsbad. We’re a lot bigger than we used to be, but we continue to follow our core belief that companies like ours should give much more than they take from the world. Our commitment to sustainability, community, and doing right still inspires and pushes us to find innovative ways to do good things in a good way.

I was lucky enough to get to try out a full outfit from prAna and this is what I got and my overall thoughts:


Overall Comments:

I was VERY skeptical about getting these items and trying them on.  I am a woman, this has a very unique shape and build.  Because of that, it is very hard for me to find clothing (especially jeans) that fit correctly and COMFORTABLY.


This is the sweater Stacia Sweater.  I deiced to get a size medium (I am 5’10 tall, I have long arms and a long torso. I typically get sweaters larger so they will be long enough for my torso and my arms).  This sweater is SOFT and comfortable. The color… is by far one of my favorite shades of blue/green.  And, this sweater is cozy yet helps to keep your body heat contained.  What that means is, I am a cold natured person. I am typically cold no matter where I go.  I was quite warm during the whole time that I had this sweater on. The length of this sweater was GREAT!


The next item that I would like to talk about are the jeans:


These are the Kara Jean and I got these in a size 10. I typically get jeans that are a size bigger because I have a round bottom and thick quads (in other words ladies… I have a bit butt and thick thighs! No shame in those gainz! LoL). I was very interested to see how these jeans would fit (especially since I did not get to try them on before I got them).


I was SHOCKED at how well they fit me.  I slide the jeans on and was able to button them with ease (also meaning that my training has paid off and I have not grown to need a bigger pants size 😛 ).  There is a slight stretch in the jeans, so in the areas that the jeans were more fitting, they were not uncomfortably tight.  They actually fit just right. Like I said… I was SHOCKED at how well these fit.  And the quality of the material is great! It is not a thick jean material.  It is a thinner/stretchy material but has a great color and I love the folded pant legs at the bottom.


Price & Quality: Over the years I have learned to embrace and accept the term “you get what you pay for”.  The Stacia Sweater is about $89.00 and the Kara Jeans are about $89.00.  Yes this seems like a steep price to pay for a sweater and jeans… BUT once you get these items you will realize exactly what you are paying for. You are paying for a quality product that will be able to keep up with you and your busy/active lifestyle.  You are paying for organic and recycled material that is used to create some of the pieces of clothing that prAna offers. You are paying for the bluesign® systems tat was created to ensure that the fabrics that are uses meet the highest environmental and human safety standards. You are also paying for Fair Trade which are standards that were created to ensure that garment workers have safe working conditions, a voice in the workplace, higher earnings, and that women are treated equally. Although these rights may seem basic, they are simply not guaranteed in many of the countries where clothing is produced. You are also paying for traceability  which is prAna might not know the exact plant that grew the organic cotton, but then can make a close guess.  They can trace their fabrics life from the farm where the bowl of fiber was grown, through processing and production, all the way to end product. prAna finds it very important to make sure that what they sell their customers is in fact what they claim it to be.

So, if you are looking for a cutting edge company to support, prAna offers various products that are organic and environmentally friendly.  They take pride in providing the best quality products for their clients, giving back to the community and their workers, and being able to use natural resources to create their products.

HERE IS A COUPON CODE for 15% off your own prAna purchase: PFS16LIFE

Code is valid until 10/31/2016

…Celebrity Workouts: Are They Worth It?…

The likelihood is we all have a celebrity fitness DVD hanging around behind the TV. And in many cases, probably a few more. These workout programs make up a huge percentage of the fitness program industry and sell at an astonishing rate. But are they worth your money, and do they ever – honestly – work? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest problem areas I have found with celebrity fitness programs.



Celebrities have personal trainers

First of all, the rich and famous have money to burn – and they can afford to pay for a personal trainer. And not just the one session a week that the rest of us can afford. Their personal trainers will – in effect – live with them for months at a time to put them through their paces. You can’t expect to replicate that by doing a workout DVD once or twice a week.

You pay top dollar

Heard about the latest fitness craze? Kayla Itsines is a celebrity, albeit she became one through her fitness program. She has 5.3 million Instagram – that’s twice as many as Gwyneth Paltrow. And she’s big business. But take a look at any honest Kayla Itsines review, and you’ll find out a few things. One, it is expensive. There are PDF guides and a $20-per-month app to buy. And it’s hard, too – perhaps too much for the first time trying to take control of their fitness for the first time. Now, the program will give you results – but the information it gives you is nothing you can’t find by yourself online and on forums.

The before and after scam

We’ve all seen those before and after shots on websites. They are the prime selling point for most fitness DVDs, regardless of whether they are celebrity-hosted or not. The trouble is, what do these pictures tell you? Sure, they show dramatic results. But as plenty of people have proved, you can do amazing things with a camera.

They target the wrong areas

You can’t target areas where you want to lose weight. If you have big thighs, nothing is going to make them smaller unless you lose weight all over. It’s the same with your waist. Core exercises will help you develop your muscle, but you have to lose weight everywhere if you want your abs to show through. So, the next time you see a ‘Tiny Tummy’ celebrity DVD that focuses on waist training, forget it.  

It doesn’t result in lifestyle change

Take a look at most celebrity fitness programs and they will all tell you the same thing. Workout x times a week for y weeks. But what happens afterward? The vast majority of people just return to their old routines, put the weight back on, and buy another DVD the following Christmas. Good for the celebrity workout industry, sure. But not good for your permanent fitness and physique, or your bank balance. You are far better off learning about exercise and nutrition yourself and making the necessary changes slowly.

Have you have success from a celebrity DVD? If so, why not prove me wrong in the comments section below!

…Infinite Life Fitness Recipe: Bell Pepper Nacho Bites…

Bell Pepper nacho bites_2

Who does NOT love nachos?

OK… if you do not love nachos there is no way we can be friends. The savoy mixture of seasoned meat with cheese and fresh veggies…It is making my mouth water to just think about it!

I decided to create a simple, healthy, and cost effective alternative to one of my favorite dishes.

This would be a great dish to have as a finger food when you have people coming over OR it can be a great snack/meal.


  • 1 package ground lean meat (turkey, chick, lean beef)
  • Assortment of Bell Peppers (red, orange or green and I made 4-6 “bites” per bell pepper)
  • 1 cup low fat Cheese
  • 1/4 cup Salsa
  • 1 tbsp Tomato Paste

1. Cook meat thoroughly, add desired seasoning if desired

2. Drain meat and mix salsa/tomato paste to coat meat for flavor

3. Scoop out seeds from peppers and cut into boats (each pepper = 4-6 pepper boats/bites)

4. Scoop meat into pepper boats and sprinkle cheese on top of the meat

5. Either heat up in microwave for 2-3 minutes or stick bell pepper boats onto a non stick baking sheet in the oven at 300 degrees for 15-20 minutes (or until all of the cheese is melted)

6. Remove boats from oven (or microwave) and top with your choice of vegetable (such as minced onions, lettuce, etc.)

You can also top these bits with low fat sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.

By substituting the chips for the bell peppers you are able to cut out a huge overload of carbs without sacrificing the quality or flavor of this dish.

By using lean meat, this will also allow you to cut the amount of fat that is traditionally in this dish.  You can get creative and add diced tomatoes, olives, and other things that you will traditionally find in nachos.  Please be mindful when you add more items.  That can compromise the healthy nutritional value of this meal.

Bon Appétit

…Are Lean Muscle Mass Workouts a Scam?…


Image: Pixabay

For many men, getting the perfect muscles is a life-long dream. Although the only way to get there is through hard work, there are shortcuts.

Magical pills and miraculous workouts have taken the world by storm. Claiming to lead to a lean body, these methods are often criticized by experts, but do they work?

Although it’s hard to tell which workouts actually work, there are ways you can ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

It’s important that you take into consideration your circumstances. Make sure you set reasonable goals before starting any routine, and ideally see a doctor.

As you may already know, building mass is only partly done through working out. Having a balanced diet is a huge part of the process. It’s important to remember that things take time, so be patient. Don’t expect results overnight. Also, remember that your health should always be your priority. Don’t push yourself too hard, and know your limits.

Balanced Diet



Anyone who’s into working out knows that a balanced diet is very important. Working out can get you great results but without eating right, you might be sabotaging your progress.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, come up with a meal plan. This is important as it will serve as a starting point. It’s important not to push yourself too hard at first. Give your body plenty of time to adjust. This way you don’t risk any health complications occurring.

What you eat depends entirely up to what you’re trying to achieve. Consulting with a professional is always recommended before making any drastic lifestyle changes.

Working out

A lean muscle mass workout might not be for everyone. Although it’s important to set goals, remember to be reasonable. Wanting to see results overnight is unrealistic. Everything takes effort and if you’re not prepared to put that in, you might never see results.

Start slow and build up your tolerance over a period of time. It’s recommended that you don’t start with anything too difficult, as it will take its toll on your body.

Take baby steps and let your body adjust. Only increase your workouts once you feel your body is ready. Don’t try overdoing it, as it won’t impress anyone. Take control of your own body, and know what’s best for you.

So, are lean muscle mass workouts a scam? No, but they require a lot of preparation and effort. Don’t enter the process until you’re ready, and remember that health always comes first. There are no shortcuts in life, so don’t attempt anything stupid. Be smart with your routine, and you will see results overtime. Putting your body under too much pressure will only result in health complications occurring down the line.

Working out can be a rewarding experience but only if done right. There are a lot of scams out there claiming they can get you results overnight. Don’t fall for them. Only use trusted sources for information. Be smart about your workouts, and you will see results in no time.


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