…Taking Fitness to the Next Level: How to Work Out More Like a Pro…

Do you feel like you need to take your workouts to the next level? It’s good to want to push on and achieve more. It needs to be done in the right way, though. This is something that the pros understand. Just pushing your body harder doesn’t necessarily lead to the results that you want. You need to be more clever than that if you want to start training like a pro and sculpting your body in the right way too.

Below, you will find information on exactly how to get the body that you’ve always wanted by taking a professional attitude to working out. These are the things that the pros do, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s certainly good enough for you as well. Read on now to start learning all you need to know.

Start the Day with Yoga

If you want to take a professional approach to working out, you need to start your days in the right way. You can do this by waking up and starting each day with some yoga. It helps you to get properly active and physical in a simple and unchallenging kind of way. It improve flexibility and movement, and that can set you up for the rest of the day that’s ahead of you. This is really important, so give morning yoga a try if you have never done so before.

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Do As Many Compound Movements as Possible

Compound movements are important because they allow you to workout different muscles at the same time. You should try to place a focus on compound movements if you want to take a more professional approach to fitness and working out. It’s something that will make a real difference to you and how you advance. Squats are a perfect example of a compound movement that anyone can do. You don’t even need to have any equipment near you to do some simple squats, do why not try it?

Make the Most of a Simple Skipping Rope

It cost next to nothing to buy a skipping rope. But this simple piece of equipment is used by athletes and fitness professionals all over the world every day. That’s because it helps to advance your speed and agility while also improving physical fitness. You really can’t underestimate the power of a simple skipping rope, and it’s about time you started making use of one if you haven’t done so already. It really is a worthwhile endeavor. You will become much quicker and you will work out lots of different body parts at once.

Work Out When You’re Doing Everyday Things

The professionals know that working out is not something you just do when you’re at the gym. Instead, it’s a mentality and a way of life. It’s something that should have an impact on everything that you do. For example, you can even work out a little when you are pushing a pram. There is always something you can do to get more active and be more physically fit, even when you’re doing everyday things. This is something that you should definitely give some thought to if you want to take a professional approach to fitness.

Upgrade Your Gym Membership

Heading to a better gym with a better kind of setup can be really helpful to you, and it’s something that you should consider. If you are currently using a budget gym, that might need to change if you want to work out like a pro. By upgrading your gym membership with a gym that has better equipment and better all round facilities, you should be able to get a lot more out of what you do. You will never be able to get a professional workout complete if you are working with amateur equipment that’s simply not up to scratch.

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Have the Staff Show You How to Get the Most from the Equipment

When you have found a gym that is right for you, don’t just assume that you know it all already. If you want to work out like a pro, you need to have the knowledge to back you up. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to have the staff show you how to get the most out of the equipment. When they do that, you will learn about how to train in the best way, and optimize the time you spend in the gym. That’s something that can be really important, so don’t just assume that you already know what you’re doing because you might not.

Start Using Drinks, Shakes and Supplements

If you want to get more out of your workout, you need to be using the right drinks, shakes and supplements. There are lots of them out there, so you will need to do your own research into which of them is right for you. A caffeine free pre workout might be suited to you if you want to avoid caffeine. Or you might want to make the most of protein shakes instead. That’s up to you. The professionals know their bodies, and they know what kinds of supplements they need in order to achieve the right outcomes.

Know Where to Start

Just because you want to start training like a pro, that doesn’t mean you have to start doing what the pros do right away. You have to build yourself up to that point. If you fail to do that, you will take on too much. Starting at the right level will help you to get better, build up your fitness and develop the right skills. All of those things are important, and they do matter a lot. You need to make sure that you understand the importance of starting at the right level if you are going to succeed and take a professional approach to working out and getting fit.

And When to Push Yourself

As well as knowing where to start, you also need to know when to push yourself. This is not as simple as it might sound either. Of course, you probably want to push yourself hard and make yourself go further and do more. But it’s not always as simple as that. If you want the right results and the best results, you need to make sure that you only push yourself when your body is ready for that. If you start pushing too soon, you will just hurt yourself or experience failure. The problem with experiencing failure is that it can completely drain your motivation, so be careful.

Use Active Recovery Methods

Recovery isn’t just about sitting around and doing nothing. That might be good enough for the amateurs that don’t really know what they’re doing. But it’s not going to be good enough for the professionals. So, you should start embracing active recovery methods. This is all about achieving more by recovering in a sustainable way. For example, you might choose to warm down after a workout by going for a walk. This keeps you active, and allows your body to fall back into a resting position more naturally and smoothly. It also makes a great deal of difference to how you feel the next morning.

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You might not be a pro athlete, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t aim to have the body of one. If you use the training and workout tips discussed above, you will be training like a pro in no time at all. So, now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into action.

…The Diet Dilemma Solved: Top Tips For Healthy Weight Loss…

Polls suggest that around half of the population in the US wants to lose weight. If you’re attempting to lose weight or you’ve tried and failed in the past, you may find dieting something of a dilemma. Weight loss is an issue in which many of us take an interest, but there’s so much information out there and so many products and plans that it can be hard to know where to look for tips that actually work. If you’re keen to drop weight in a healthy, sustainable way, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with helpful hacks to enable you to lose weight healthily.

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Changing your diet

When it comes to dieting, your aim shouldn’t solely be to lose weight. It should also be to improve your health. There are two main issues to think about when changing your diet. These include what you eat and how much you eat. Sometimes, you may not necessarily be eating the ‘wrong’ foods, but you might be eating more food than you need. In other cases, your diet may not be working for you even if you have small portions because you’re eating foods that have high calorific value.

What to eat

If you don’t take much interest in nutritional information, now is the time to start reading those food labels and finding out more about what your body actually needs. If you do some research online, you’ll often come across crash diets, which encourage you to cut out entire food groups. This can be tempting, especially when you see adverts featuring people who have lost a load of weight in no time at all, but don’t always assume that plans that make you drop weight quickly are good for you. The truth is that your body needs a balanced diet. Try and plan your menu with nutrition in mind. You want to be eating foods that provide you with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Try and find a balance between sticking to a plan and enjoying your food. You’ll find some great healthy recipes online, and you can also ask your doctor, personal trainer or a nutritionist for advice on designing a healthy eating plan. There’s an assumption that you need to spend a fortune on super foods to get in shape, but this simply isn’t true. There are plenty of ways of eating well for less, such as buying and freezing discounted poultry and fish and using frozen fruit and vegetables.

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When you’re planning a new diet, it’s beneficial to take health concerns or problems into account. You may find that you suffer from issues, such as constipation, lethargy or bloating as a result of your eating habits. Making changes can eliminate these issues, as well as helping you to lose weight. If you’re bloated, for example, consider trying detox tea, which contains herbs and antioxidants. If you’re prone to constipation, increase your intake of fiber by swapping white bread and pasta for wholegrain versions and adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet. If you’re tired all the time, avoid snacking on sugary foods, and opt for foods that contain complex carbohydrates, such as wholemeal bread, porridge, and brown rice salad.

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How much to eat

Many people struggle to lose weight because they consume too much food. There are guidelines out there to help you set a calorie limit, but they are aimed at the average person. It’s a good idea to pay attention to recommendations, but adjust them to make them appropriate for you. An average woman, for example, should consume around 2,000 calories per day. However, if you want to lose weight and your activity levels are low, you should reduce this. If you’re very active, for example, you train for an hour a day, or you have a physically demanding job, you may need to increase your intake slightly even if you want to try and drop a few pounds. If you’ve never counted calories before, you may assume that it’s time-consuming, but thanks to apps, it’s actually really easy. Using an interactive food diary, you can track your calorie intake, and keep an eye on your daily nutrition. Your diary may flag up issues such as a low fiber or protein intake, for example, as well as telling you whether you’re on target with your calorie count.

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Staying motivated

If you love food, the idea of going on a diet can be incredibly unappealing. There’s a perception that you have to starve yourself or eat food that is bland to lose weight. In reality, this isn’t the case. There are so many tasty dishes you can create using delicious ingredients. It’s really beneficial to vary your diet and try and include your favorite foods. Usually, there are healthier ways of preparing even the most calorific foods. If you love burgers, for example, you can create a healthier meal by swapping beef mince for turkey, avoiding the sugar-laden sauces and using fresh salad for garnish and replacing fries with baked sweet potato wedges. You’ll still enjoy your dinner, but you’ll be reducing your calorie intake and boosting your health at the same time. When you’re trying to lose weight, don’t deprive yourself of everything you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with having a treat meal once a week. If you cut out the foods you adore, you’ll only crave them more.

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Getting into exercise

You can lose weight by changing your diet, but you’ll get better results if you combine healthy eating with regular exercise. When you exercise, your body burns the calories you consume through your diet. If you use more calories than you take in, you’ll lose weight. Exercise also has a multitude of benefits for your physical health and your mental wellbeing.

If you’re new to exercise, the thought of going to a class, joining the gym or even jogging around the block may be daunting. The hardest part is often taking that first step. If you’re nervous, take a friend with you. You don’t have to go to the gym to get fit, but many people find this a very effective way of getting in shape. It’s always a good idea to book an induction if you do join the gym, as this will enable you to learn how to use the equipment properly. If you’ve never worked out before, you may also benefit from working with a personal trainer. They can get you started on the machines and draw up a workout plan, which will enable to increase your fitness levels steadily.

Once you’re up and running, try and incorporate regular workouts. If you don’t want to go to the gym all the time, that’s fine. There are lots of active pursuits you can try, or you could sign up for classes. There’s such a diverse range of options available now, so try some for size, and have fun. You could go to dance lessons or workouts like Zumba that have a dance element, join a spin class, do aqua-aerobics or try trampolining. It’s up to you. Whatever you do, try and ensure that you work hard, you push yourself, and you improve all the time.

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If you’re keen to lose weight, you may be wondering how to go about it. Everyone seems to have different ideas and opinions on this matter, and this can make life rather confusing. If you want to lose weight healthily, and you’re keen to keep the weight off once you’ve hit your target, the best thing you can do is commit to a healthy way of life that involves eating well and being more active. By making changes to your diet and increasing your activity levels, you can drop weight and boost your health at the same time.


…Steroid use and its effects on humans…

Some athletes take a form of steroids — known as anabolic-androgen steroids or just anabolic steroids — to increase their muscle mass and strength. The main anabolic steroid hormone produced by your body is testosterone. Testosterone has two main effects on your body: Anabolic effects promote muscle building. ~Mayo Clinic~

When it comes to bodybuilding and extreme athletes, one of the popular questions that may come up is in regards to steroid usage. You often hear of top performing athletes getting in trouble for using steroids or other performance enhancing supplements.  There is indeed a fine line as to what should and should not be taken by athletes to help them perform in whatever sport or activity they would like to excel in.

Some people do indeed need to use steroids for medical reasons. Steroids are used as the main treatment for certain inflammatory conditions, such as systemic vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) and myositis (inflammation of muscle). They may also be used selectively to treat inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, or gout.  Prednisone is a form of steroid that is also used to treat conditions such as arthritis, blood disorders, breathing problems, severe allergies, skin diseases, cancer, eye problems, and immune system disorders. Prednisone belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids.

Deca steroids is another form of steroids that is used for medial purposes as well as performance enchantments.  Deca’s original primary use was for medical purposes but, now it has been used mostly by people for weight and muscle gain. This drug gives extreme strength as reported by the users  who build body and are particular about building a lean yet bulky muscular frame. This is a synthetically produced anabolic steroid and it has many impacts on the body functions. This is a legal alternative and available in most of the countries without a prescription.

Anabolic steroid abuse has been associated with a wide range of unfavored side effects. Some examples are  acne and breast development (in male consumers),  life threatening heart attacks, and liver cancer. Most side effects are reversible if the consumer stops taking the steroids, but some side effects are permanent, such as voice deepening in females.

The possession or sale of anabolic steroids without a valid prescription is illegal. Simple possession of illicitly obtained anabolic steroids carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a minimum $1,000 fine if this is an individual’s first drug offense. So keep that in mind for those that seek to try steroids.

You can learn more about Deca steroids via this link: http://steroidio.com/deca-durabolin-side-effects/


…The ultimate secret of lean and strong legs – Expert tips for you…

Who doesn’t want a pair of shapely perfect legs? Legs can be shown off during any time of the day unlike the other areas of your body. If you can have luscious legs, they look fabulous both on men and especially on women. You require a low body fat percentage and the right muscles for shapeliness. However the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to put in a lot of work in order to get those shapely pair of legs and once you get them, it’s totally worth it!

What you require doing

If you wish to get amazing legs, you have to target the 4 areas of your thighs with rigorous exercise and at the same time you have to increase the shape of your calves. There are few exercises that you need to perform daily with a controlled and slow manner. During the most challenging portion of the exercise, hold on to the position for a brief period of time and get back to the starting position again. Once you start getting stronger, start increasing the intensity of the workout and remember that it is better to do slowly with fewer repetitions than doing fast with more repetitions. If you want to make the exercises a bit more challenging, use kettlebells, dumbbells or if you don’t have them, use a little bit of weight that you have at home.

Work out your lower halve in every move that’s possible

Remember that your lower body is the quickest and the easiest place to build calories and muscles. Did you know that you have more than 200 muscles down the belt, including the largest muscle of your body, the gluteus maximum? So move off your glutes and get the lower body working in whatever you do. Stand on 1 leg for shoulder presses and also during bicep curls. The more you work on your lower half, the faster you will witness the results.

Get to the core

You have probably heard a lot about core training and about how necessary it is but did you know that it is impossible to work your core without properly engaging your legs? If you have been doing standard crunches, you can speed up your results with core training. Try out this routine to work on your legs and core.

Start jumping

Move your feet off the ground and allow your results to take flight, as per certified personal trainers. They suggest people to take off their leg routine to the next level with power moves, single leg ski hops, squat jumps and jumping jacks. You can even get your form down with well-executed squat, progress through this and then try out newer versions of leg exercises. Therefore, if you’ve taken on a challenge to reduce your thighs, you can even check out the thigh challenge featured on fitnessgoals.com for more information on the same. Work hard to get the best shapely thighs.

…Top 10 Diet Recipes to Lose Weight Fast…

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Cooking when you are trying to lose weight can be a tricky as we look for replacements for our old bad habits. We want to reach for the fatty butter, the salty soy sauce, and the cup of sugar, but need to find other options instead. Here are the 10 diet recipes to lose weight fast.


Oatmeal bake cookies. These are simple and delicious cookies you can make in no time and eat whenever you feel a pang of hunger. Just take two very ripe bananas (I’m talking brown bananas, here) and mash them up in a bowl. Add a cup of plain oatmeal, a handful of raisins, some ground chia, and a handful of walnuts. Mix all together and drop in spoonfuls on a cookie sheet. Bake them up until golden brown and let cool. Keep them in the refrigerator so you can grab and go.

Egg and spinach soufflés. These are another easy option that help you get out the door fast without giving up the most important meal of the day. Mix about 5 eggs or egg whites with chopped spinach, tomatoes, and onions. Pour into muffin tins lined with papers. Bake until brown and bubbly on top. You can freeze these and pop them in the microwave for a minute each morning.


Salad in a jar. Grab a clean mason jar and layer it with all your favorite salad fixings. Greens, vegetables, soy beans, nuts, and cheese are good choices. Bring a salad dressing on the side and you can pour it in, shake it up, and eat lunch right at your desk. This is one of the most popular healthy eating tips for losing weight.

Pasta and vegetables. Roast vegetables of your choice on a cookie sheet with a little extra virgin olive oil or fat free Italian dressing. Cook whole wheat pasta to package directions. Mix them together for a filling and easy lunch that can be flavored with a host of other spices like curry, red pepper flakes, basil, and thyme. Each meal will taste entirely different from the next!


Frozen vegetable delight. Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy if not healthier in some cases than fresh fruits and vegetables. This recipe can be switched out with different ingredients making the amount of dinners you can make with this formula nearly endless. Buy one bag of froze brown rice. Steam it in the microwave. Buy a bag of frozen vegetables and also steam them in the microwave. Mix them together and season to your liking. You could even add a fruit. How about brown rice, snap peas, and mandarin oranges? Or pineapple tidbits?

Instant veggie chili. One large can of stewed tomatoes, one bag of frozen cut up onions and tri-colored peppers, one packet of all-natural chili seasoning, and a can of kidney beans. Cook on high heat for 3 minutes and then let simmer for 30 minutes.

…New To Fitness? Here Are Some Low-Impact Exercises …

At some point in most people’s lives, they will become interested in fitness. Maybe you’ve started to feel old or encountered a health issue? Perhaps you get out of breath walking between the sofa and the fridge? Well, there has never been a better time to turn things around and get in shape. However, you need to make sure you don’t do too much too fast. If you haven’t exercised for many years, you could cause an injury. That would stop you from working out for even longer, regardless of your levels of motivation. So, consider some of the low-impact suggestions on this page during the early stages. You can then progress onto more strenuous activities. At the end of the day, you need to keep your body in fighting shape. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Walking or Rambling

While you might not think it would make much difference, walking is the perfect starter exercise. It helps to get your heart pumping, and it gets your body used to the movement. You could walk around your local streets or join a rambling club and spend time in the countryside. The latter option is always better because it adds a social element to the process. You’ll get to spend your time walking with lots of other people in the same position. Just make sure you purchase the right equipment to ensure you avoid injury. Visit Women’s Walking Shoe Review or other unbiased sites for the best information. By wearing the correct footwear, you should have a much better experience. Also, you’ll avoid those painful twisted ankle injuries.

Swimming or Water Aerobics

If you’re looking at low-impact exercise, you can’t overlook a visit to your local pool. Swimming is fantastic because it helps to work almost every muscle in your body. However, you won’t place a strain on any particular limb. That means you can get the exercise you require without having to worry. The chances of you injuring yourself from the activity of swimming are pretty small. So, you just need to take a look online at the opening times for your local pool. In some instances, you will have to become a member. Still, there are many public swimming pools all over the country. You won’t have to pay much to get a session in the water. Try it for yourself and see how much better you feel after a single visit.

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Cycling or Mountain Biking

You have a decision to make when it comes to getting fit using a bicycle. Firstly, you could ride around smooth paved roads in your local area. Secondly, you could visit some of the many woodland mountain bike tracks constructed during the last few years. Visit Single Tracks or similar sites to learn more. It makes sense to start slowly and build your way up. So, try cycling around your local town first. If you enjoy the experience and want to go further, you can search online for the best tracks and courses. Of course, it’s wise to invest in a decent bike before you do any of that. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest products on the market. Most of them don’t have the suspension you require to remain comfortable.

Using Rowing or Running Machines

Some people get better results from exercise by doing it with others. With that in mind, you might think about joining a gym in your hometown this summer. If you do that, it’s vital that you don’t try to hit the hard stuff straight away. Rowing and running machines are perfect for someone in your position. You control the speed and many other settings. So, you don’t have to spend an hour running uphill. You could have a slow jog on the machine for twenty minutes or so. The same goes for rowing devices. You determine the resistance, and so you don’t have to kill yourself during your first few attempts.

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As you can see from the suggestions mentioned today, there are plenty of low-impact exercises you could use to get started. Once you feel comfortable with those activities, you could move onto something a little more strenuous. For example, you might like to join local sports teams or run half marathons? When all’s said and done, the decisions are down to you. The purpose of this article was just to point you in the right direction. You will always get the best results if you follow a routine you enjoy. Make sure you take a look around before you leave this site because there are many excellent fitness articles you should read.

…Fitness: what methods work for you?…

When it comes to working on your health and fitness goals there are various goals that you can set. I encourage ALL of my clients to set some sort of goal.  This allows them to have a tangible thing that they can work towards .  These goals can be things such as “run a 5k” or “be able to go up the flight of stairs at workout without feeling winded”.  The goal does not have to be some BIG event.  The goal has to be specific to the client and their overall health goals.

Here are some examples of some other goals that clients have worked for:


GORUCK offers team based tactical events.  You sign up, and all of the people that show up for the event are on your team. You work with this team for a certain period of time (for the GORUCK Heavy it is about 24 hours, for the GORUCK Tough it is about 12 hours, and for the GORUCK light it is about 6 hours).  They also offer expedition events that allow you to learn some basic survival skills. The best part of GORUCK is that they offer events all over the WORLD.  They also offer events practically every weekend. This allows anyone the opportunity to do a event no matter where they live and no matter what time of the year it may be.


Spartan races are obstacle course races that are also done all over the world. These races range in various lengths. They are broken up into the Beast, Super, and the Sprint.  These events also have a large participation, so if you end up showing up to the event alone you have the opportunity to meet people and get help with obstacles that may be challenging to you.

Power lifting

Power lifting competitions are a great way to challenge yourself.  This type of goal allows someone to take the focus off of  running long distances.  These competitions are about pure strength and training. There are also power lifting competitions all over the world and at all times of the year.  These are a great way to help challenge athlete to really focus on their weight training.


Theses competitions are also widely known and offer a variety of shows all around the world at all times of the year. These shows allow people to focus on their training somewhat similar to power lifting. Winning a top medal at this kind of competition is somewhat subjective because you do have judges that score you on your overall physique and stage presence (compared to the other events that are judged on how well you complete them). You can compete in a show without a coach but it is highly suggested that you get a coach to help guide you through the process and to make sure you are ready for show day. You also want to be mindful with how you prepare for a show. Some people like to get ready for shows naturally (using minimal or no products and getting nutrients from food sources).   They gain muscle size and build their physique via lifting weights and really focusing on what they are eating. Some people like to use tablets for muscle growth.  Regardless of which method is used, using the help and guidance of a professional can help to increase your chances of winning a medal.

There are also various 5k’s (such as the Color Run, Color me Rad, Hot Chocolate Run, and various others) , 10 K’s, half marathons, and full marathons that someone can train for to complete. The main idea is to find a good and obtainable goal and stick with it!

…What’s Next for Fitness Trackers? A Look at the Top Trends…

Fitness trackers can change your life. Previously sedentary people have used them to monitor their steps and workouts, to make sure they are getting more exercise into their daily lives. Professional athletes use them to lower the risk of injury and to make sure they are performing at their best on the field or court.

Demand for fitness trackers and wearable devices is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. In 2014, people bought a total of 90 million devices, and the wearable fitness tracker industry had a market volume of $2 billion. By 2020, people expect that amount to increase to $41 billion.

What’s driving the demand for fitness trackers and what can you expect to see from wearables in the coming months? Take a look at a few of the latest top trends.

More Stylish Options

The old-school fitness trackers weren’t exactly the best-looking things out there. Whether they were chunky smartwatches that screamed “tech nerd” or rubber band pedometers, most of the older models weren’t at the height of fashion.

That’s changing, as more and more designer brands hop on the wearable tech and fitness tracker bandwagon. Several fashion watchmakers have partnered with tech companies to create cheap smartwatches that combine form and function. There are also independent brands producing rings and bracelets that track steps, sleep and heart rate.

More Tracking

How many steps you walk, how much you sleep and what your resting heart rate don’t tell you the entire story when it comes to your health. You can expect wearables that can track more in the next few generations of the devices. Researchers are at work creating devices that monitor glucose levels in patients with diabetes, devices that monitor the air quality to help patients with asthma, and devices that measure the levels of substances, such as lactate, in the body.

Less Visibility

Although some people are looking forward to rocking a designer smartwatch or a trendsetting wearable device, some would prefer if their wearables were out of sight, but not out of mind. You can expect to see wearables whose claim to fame is their invisibility. These devices might be stitched into clothing or part of a person’s shoes. The technology will be integrated into something you’d be wearing anyway, making it less likely that you’d forget to put on your fitness tracker in the morning.

Do you use a fitness tracker? What trend are you most looking forward to seeing?

…The Not So Well Known Benefits In Becoming A Personal Trainer…

Some people are lucky enough to have careers for a living and do what they love in order to pay the bills. Those who dedicate themselves to a particular hobby or craft outside of their normal working hours can often wonder why they’re not doing what they love instead of their normal 9 to 5 job. Many things can hold us back, like the pressure to pay the mortgage or rent so you can live under a roof with good living standards. It can be anxiety too, because going out on a limb to pursue what you love doing, can mean that you’re going to be moving into a volatile point in time in your life. A steady job means you have stability and now, all of a sudden you’re not sure where your next paycheck is going to come from. But if you love fitness, and you love the fact that you can set your own goals and complete them with immediately recognizing results, perhaps dedicating yourself to this sport is something you should really look into. But why would or should you become a personal trainer and help others become healthier?

Image by – localfitness

From strangers to friends

Sitting behind a desk can be incredibly boring and frustrating for some people, and based on their personality, the fact that you’re confined to a small space can become very disheartening over time. Shuffling papers all day, and talking on the phone to complete strangers isn’t something that most people want to do. As a personal trainer, you get to meet new people who won’t stay new for long. You’ll meet people who have self-esteem issues, from young teenagers to even adults who may have just gone through a divorce and want a better physique for when they go out on the dating scene again. You’ll get to talk to these people, devise them workout plans, teach the proper form and technique of workouts. It can become an environment of jovial and uplifting humor.

You plant seeds and watch them grow

The great thing about being a personal trainer is that you can watch and notice, your client’s progression first hand. They may want to look better for their spouse or change their lifestyle and habits to become a more attractive version of themselves. Your workout plans and dietary schedule can change a person’s life forever as when they stick to it, they will become a new person. They’ll have more chiseled features, they’ll move around better as their biomechanics becomes stronger and more flexible. In your hands, is a literal human body and mind, and by your hard work and passion, you can transform it into a fitter, leaner and confident human being. The transformation of their clients is what personal trainers say, gives them the greatest satisfaction.

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Specialized career path opportunities

Being a certified personal trainer opens doors for you into multiple career choices for example, you can work with the armed forces, participate in scientific studies that evaluate how the body works under physical stress, train young athletes or even Olympic worthy athletes, go around to work with schools, promote an alternative to obesity, etc. One of the ways you can truly affect a person’s life is to help them live a cleaner life by getting them off drugs. There are caring institutions like the Recovery Village palmer lake, who you as a personal trainer can work hand in hand with the medical staff, to cleanse the patients of toxins by having fitness lessons in the gym. Forging somebody’s mental health can be done so by instilling within them a sense of self-worth and confidence, and having a healthy, clean body is one way to achieve this.

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The positivity of dietary knowledge

When you’re aiming to achieve your physical peak, you will learn what not to put in your digestive system if you want to trim your body’s fat percentage. In order for bodybuilders and professional athletes to get the most out of their workouts, the food they eat must be purely for getting stronger, leaner, better reflexes and a more resilient immune system. The knowledge you gain on the path to becoming a personal trainer will give you a lifelong education about chemicals, nutrition, and the properly balanced diet to put on masses of muscles, shedding your excess fat, creating stronger joints and supporting your skeletal structure. You will have the education that most people wish they had; you’ll learn about the proper calorie intakes to project a balanced body mass index and which foods perform the best function regarding the human body’s needs and processes.




…Can yoga support your sport?…

Things have evolved in the world of yoga, and the typical yogi stereotype of a petite flexible female no longer rings true. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, yoga can be done to improve strength, flexibility, and it is also recognized now to improve and support your athletic performance. Nowadays we see elite athletes such as Andy Murray and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team incorporating yoga into their rigorous training regimes to improve their athletic performance.

Regardless of age and gender, yoga is a mindful activity that relaxes the body whilst improving flexibility and strength. It can loosen the tight spots that you get with working out which can hinder physical performance.

The benefits

Whilst some athletes take additional workout supplements, such as a protein powder to support their workout, some athletes now consider yoga as another great workout aid. Yoga integrates a balance between strength, flexibility and mobility, and research indicates participation in yoga can yield improvements in overall physical fitness, increased muscular strength, co-ordination, and even endurance. The strong emphasis that is placed on breathing practices can result in a therapeutic effect, by reducing psychological and physical stress, something which can plague the best of us. The increase in physiological gains seen with participation in yoga can allow the body to recover from intense training and can prevent against injury.

Supporting your sport

Yoga can be used in addition to endurance or HIT training to help and recover muscles following a workout or as a way to correct muscle imbalances and poor body mechanics.


Long term cycling can cause the hamstring muscles to shorten as a result of the knees being bent over an extended period of time. Yoga can help to stretch the muscles following your ride and therefore allow you to engage these muscle groups sufficiently in subsequent training sessions.


Yoga can help with your core muscles which aids your trunk rotation during the swing, allowing translation of power through the drive.


Yoga helps flexibility and strength, so by doing yoga in addition to your swimming training, it can help to establish a good range of movement around shoulders and keep the back muscles open and strong, necessary for swimming.


Yoga helps to support development in trunk stability and hip mobility, which are vital for optimizing rowing performance.


When your hips and IT band tighten up during running it can lead to injuries which can prevent you from training. Yoga can open the hips and relax the Iliotibial band (commonly known as the IT band).

By incorporating yoga into your training routine around 2-3 times a week, you can improve your flexibility and strength, balancing out the physical stress of exercise to support athletic performance.