…10 reasons yoga is better than the gym…

It is difficult to identify the best exercise that will suit your lifestyle. Various workouts have different benefits to the human body. The best workout session is the one that will benefit the body, physically, emotionally and mentally. Moreover due to a number of reasons someone may be unable to perform a workout they desire. For example, if one has fractured bones they may find it difficult to do vigorous gym exercise. A great workout is one that doesn’t involve body straining. The following are 10 reasons why yoga is better than the gym.

1 Yoga Benefits the Body both Internally and Externally
Yoga involves twisting, folding and stretching practices which are good for the lymph, digestive, and circulatory system. Moreover, it improves the cardiovascular system as well as detox the body. On the other hand, gym exercises are only focused on boosting cardio and muscle strengthening.

2 Yoga is for Everyone
You can practice yoga, despite your age and health status. Also, yoga is beneficial to people suffering from some health ailment like Parkinson cancer. The gym is not therapeutic in any way.

3 Yoga Improves Concentration
While practicing yoga you focus on the gaze, breath, and posture turning away outside distractions. While at the gym it’s difficult to focus due to distraction like wild music.

4 Yoga can be Practiced Anywhere
You can not only practice yoga in the yoga studio, it can be practiced at home or at in an open space. A gym workout requires workout equipment and space.


5 Yoga Aids in Stress Reduction
A number of yoga classes involve meditation that enables the mind clear stress. The gym competitive nature in presence of loud music is likely to increase stress than reduce it.

6 Yoga Eases Pains and Aches
Most of the times when you go to the gym you come out with pains in various body parts. This is different when one practices yoga you slowly stretch muscles without strains or injuries.

7 Yoga Teaches Acceptance

Yoga focuses on self-acceptance and self-improvement. When unable to do something in the gym one is likely to feel inadequate.

8 Yoga is Effective
In yoga workout, you rely on your own strength and body. In the gym, you have to use equipment for exercising.

9 Yoga is Easy to Continue
In a yoga class, you experience meditation, concentration, and satisfaction which make you eager for the next lesson. When unable to lift weights or run for miles you may think of quitting.

10 Yoga is Cheap
Yoga workout doesn’t require much, all you need is mat flexible clothes and small space. On the other hand, you need gym equipment, shoes, and even pay a gym instructor for guidance.

In conclusion, yoga works out is preferable when compared to the gym. It’s not only easy and cheap but also healthy. Gym exercise is quiet involving and hard especially for a beginner. For a great workout experience, yoga is a great option. This is because it stretches your muscles and stabilizes your emotions.