…How Fitness is correlated with a Stronger Teeth Set…

Exercise isn’t meant to be enjoyable, but it is necessary for keeping your body in top notch condition. Most people probably don’t know this, but fitness and dental health are closely intertwined. While there are some damaging effects of exercising on your dental health, the pros certainly outweigh the cons and rightfully so. Here are some of the essential things you should know about exercise and how it affects your dental health.

How Fitness is correlated with a Stronger Teeth Set:

The negatives

While athletes who do heavy exercising and training have good health overall, it is worth noting that this can actually be bad for your teeth. According to dental experts, athletes find themselves at a higher risk of getting exercise-dependent cavities, besides dental erosion.  Here are some of the main causes of dental problems among athletes.

Energy drinks – most athletes prefer re-hydrating by consuming energy drinks rather than water. Sure, the electrolytes found in such sports drinks can greatly boost energy levels; however, they actually take a toll on the teeth. So much so, that researchers found significant damage only after a week of regular consumption. Exposing your teeth to the damaging acids and sugars found in energy drinks can greatly affect your dental health, meaning you want to invest in the best home kits consisting of effective dental products to
mitigate these effects.

Open-mouth breathing – athletes and fitness enthusiasts tend to breathe with an open mouth during intense workout sessions. Doing so not only dries out your mouth by reducing the flow of saliva, but also creates a thriving environment for bacteria. In a nutshell, open mouth breathing actually promotes tooth decay to some extent and the consumption of energy drinks while at it doesn’t help to say the least.

The positives

Prevention of gum disease – people who exercise regularly are at a lower risk of getting gum disease or periodontitis; according to research. There is a close relationship between physical activity and gum disease – interesting enough. So much so, that people who regularly work out are actually less likely to contract gum disease compared to those with no consistent physical-oriented lifestyle. According to the research, exercising three times a week can greatly reduce your chances of contracting periodontitis.

Oral health and BMI – a healthy body mass index (BMI) can go a long way in boosting your overall oral health. Generally, obesity-related health issues such as diabetes or hypertension are known to contribute significantly to poor oral health. It is quite obvious that individuals with a healthy BMI are doing something right – be it exercising or eating right. In short, your body mass index actually reflects your comprehensive lifestyle.

Essential Tips:

Exercise is good for your body, making it a necessary evil. Find alternative ways to hydrate after intense sessions rather than consuming energy drinks. Try drinking bottled water during workouts or natural coconut water to replenish energy.

Also, remember to use your nose to breath as you work out in order to avoid a dry mouth. Stick to healthy dental regimen and diet, and you should be good to go.

…Is Same Day Dentistry A Good Match To My Situation?…

It’s easy to fall into the trap that dental health is a thing that “can wait.” After all, these aren’t instantly threatening health conditions, right? Well, for one, writing the ways that dental health affects overall health is an article in and of itself. Secondly, we live in a time where there’s less and less reason to let your schedule dictate your health. Advances in dental technology and practices mean that same-day
dentistry is viable for more and more procedures. If you search well enough and are aware what your needs on, the idea of crowns in a day and other similar procedures are far from an unreasonable dream.

One-Day- Options?
If you’re curious how exactly technology has made same-day dentistry viable but don’t exactly know how: let’s hear from the experts at the American Dentistry Association (ADA):

“The in-office application of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has evolved continually across 25 years, and material enhancements made in conjunction with this evolution have improved the speed and precision with which dentists can place high-quality, esthetic restorations for almost every dental application.”

What does this mean to you? For one, the days of crowns, bridges, implants, and even dental veneers taking several days and several visits are over. In general, the procedure for a same-day dental procedure involves a consultation with a dentist where they will examine your teeth and get a proper understanding of your goals. This isn’t different than most other situations, but in some cases, a dentist
will also use a 3D scanner to get an accurate picture of your teeth, then create a perfect model using appropriate ceramic materials, matching right up to the color.
Note that even among same-day dentists, not all procedures are the same. Some dentists will require using something like a removable denture or other similar equipment, while others will require simpler procedures. This consultation will make all the difference, so be ready to ask the questions about your
procedure then to avoid any uncertainty. Equally important is the nature of your teeth. In general, same-day dental implants and other procedures are best for patients who have enough bone and nearby healthy teeth to the affected spot to hold the implant in place. People whose oral health is in more dire straits may not be ideal candidates for same-day dentistry. This provides all the more reason to try to attend to dental issues early, to allow for more options. On top of convenience, other benefits of same-day dentistry are:

  • No need for temporary restorations
  • Minimally invasive
  • Cost-effective
  • Less discomfort and fewer injections
  • High-quality ceramics
  • More of the natural tooth is saved in comparison to traditional procedures
  • Restorations designed to last long-term
  • Biocompatible solutions

How To Find A Same-Day Dentist
Same-day dentistry has evolved to the wave of the future rather than an alternative option, but it extremely important to pick a dentist who you are comfortable with, and there are several factors you should keep in mind during your search on top of whether or not they offer same-day services.

For one, it’s best to start with logistics. Does your insurance match the dentist you are looking to see? Are prices prohibitive for you? If so, are there any available payment plans that may allow you to get your procedure without incurring financial hardship? The other side of logistics is timing. While same-
day dentistry makes this easier than ever, there are other things to consider. For example, not every dentist has weekend hours each week or late-afternoon hours for commuters. Be sure to ask ahead if this is a necessity for you.

In general, other questions you have regarding the dentist’s suite of services and qualifications can be found on the dentist’s website, but often, this may not be enough to sway you one way or the other.  Sometimes, friends and family are good sources of recommendation, but if this isn’t an option, consider asking your general physician, dental insurance company, or state’s dental association for more info.

We live in a time where there are more and more demands on our schedule, making it difficult to try and work, maintain our homes, and still take proper care of our health. The good side of this is that
despite all the time pressures, technological advances allow us the ability to do more and in a more convenient manner. Dentistry is no exception. Same-Day dentistry means that we have the procedural means to attend to many oral health issues with minimal impact on your schedule, meaning that searching for the right dentist can do more for your teeth than ever before for less.

…Shop with Scrip…

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