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…Friday FITspiration…

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My Friday FITspiration is dedicated to this girl with me in the picture.

She has been working SO hard and not letting anything stand in her way.

She made some goals and she is doing what is necessary to accomplish them!

And to be quite honest on some days she keeps me accountable and motivated!


She is by far one of my favorite accountability partners and i think it is great that everyone has one!
Even if they do not workout with you, the fact that you have someone that will keep you pushing can make a tremendous difference!  Knowing that someone is there supporting you, and cheering for you to reach your goals can help to keep you motivated even on those day you do not feel like doing it!

This can be a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a pet! I have several clients who tell me that their dog will not let them get comfortable until they are taken on a walk each night!

You have to find your own sources of motivation to keep you pushing through your goals.

You CAN do anything that you set out to do.  But, in order to reach those goals you have to get up and do something about them!

What are you going to accomplish in 2014?


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…Friday FITspiration…





If you want the results you have to work for them. Stop wishing, complaining, and hoping and just do it!



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…Motivational Monday…



Gym time should be all about YOU!

Escape from the busy work day that you had

You can escape from all of the things you still need to get done for the day

Gym time is a great time you can schedule that is just for you!

Leave your phone in your car on in your gym bag to guarantee No interruptions!


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…Motivational Monday…



Surround yourself with like-minded people…

Having people around you who are all working hard to obtain their goals allows you to have people who can help push you and support you so you can reach your success.

This does not just pertain to the gym…this can be in all aspects of your life!

You will need people who can help push, motivate, and encourage you!

Those people who have similar goals to your will do what they can to help you succeed.

If they do not want to help…you should probably find some new friends!


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need some motivation?

Why not create your own!?



There are several different things you can do to surround yourself with motivation and inspiration throughout your days.

You can do like the picture above. Place quotes, words, or saying around your house, office, or at school

You can email motivational things to yourself…or there are applications and other programs that will send you daily motivation if you sign up for it.

Staying motivated is one of the key things needed to help keep you on track with your goals!

It is so important  that you remember why you started your journey!

Because only YOU can help you reach your goals!

Stay focused…stay dedicated…stay motivated!



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…Fitness Journal!…



…Do YOU keep a journal?…

I know that I do! And I would be LOST without it!

You can put your recipes, meals, workouts, thoughts, feelings, motivation…ANYTHING in it!

It helps to keep me on track with what goals I want to accomplish!

You can create one online, or you can write on down in a note-book!

I have one online so I can access it at home…at work…at the gym…or just about anywhere! It makes it easier because you do not have to remember to carry it with you all the time!

If you do not keep you…you should consider starting one!

You may be surprised at how helpful it can be to your reaching your goals!


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…Motivational Monday…

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Make 2013 YOUR year of fitness!

Set your goals and work towards what YOU want to accomplish!
Take it day by day….meal by meal…workout by workout….

Before you realize it, 3 months will have passed and you will be CLOSER to your goals!

Happy Monday!

What workouts do YOU have planned for today?


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…Motivational Monday!…



What’s YOUR excuse today!?

…you should not have one…
Hope that you have a great workout!





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