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…infinite life fitness recipe: turkey meatballs…

turkey meatballs

When it comes to clean eating you have to find recipes that will accommodate your busy lifestyle.  the best way to do this is to prepare meals in advance that you can just grab and go!  This will allow you to have meals ready for you at home so you are not tempted to “grab something on the go” from you local fast food place.

There are SO many recipes for food items that you can make in only a short amount of time! Just think, cook a few things on Sunday evening and you will have meals that will last you all week! That is exactly what I do.  I will prepare meals that I can keep in the fridge (and I will honestly freeze the other half of the items that I cook so they will last me longer than a week if needed).  As the saying goes:

Fail to plan….Plan to fail!

Today I will share with you something that can be made in LESS THAN an hour and this meal can last you for a few days! You can make these type of meatballs with any type of ground lean meat (ground chicken, lean beef, bison, venison, or any other type of meat of your choice!

What you will need:

  • 1 package of lean ground meat (in this recipe i used 99% lean ground turkey)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/3 cup of oats (you can add anywhere from NO oats to a full cup of oats.  Adding more will increase the macro-nutrients of your meal)
  • 1 tsp cilantro
  • 2 tsp of low sodium meat seasonings (Mrs. Dash is a GREAT option but McCormick and other generic brands also offer various good options as well) OR you can use any other type of spices that you would like (get creative and throw in a different variety of things)
  • You can add diced onions, peppers, tomatoes, or any other veggies that you would like!! For this batch i did not add any of those items

What you will do:

  • Set the oven to 350 degrees
  • get a cookie sheet and line it with a sheet of foil
  • Mix all of the above ingredients in a mixing bowl
  • mix all of the ingredients together
  • get a 1/3 measuring cup and scoop the mixture into the cup and slightly pat it down to get any air pockets out.
  • You can make the scoop somewhat level (this will yield 8-10 balls depending on how much you level off your scoops
  • Drop the contents of the measuring cup evenly throughout the baking sheet (make sure to spread them out somewhat so they are not directly touching each other.  You can also use a muffin tin if you do not have a cookie sheet.  Spritz the muffin pan with olive oil so they will not stick.  Just place the contents of the measuring cup in each slot in the muffin tin)
  • After all of the mixture is scooped up and evenly distributed place them in the oven.
  • It will take anywhere from 20-35 minutes for them to cook. You will have to watch them to see how quickly they start to brown on the outside and cut one to make sure they cooked thoroughly.
  • Sit and let cool
  • ENJOY!!!!

With each meal I will suggest eating 2-3 meatballs.  This will yield approximately 4-6 oz of meat per serving.  You can pair these with veggies, rice, sweet potatoes, or any other sides of your choice! In the morning I will grab a few of these, toss them in a container with some veggies and other side dishes and have a full quick meal ready for lunch (or dinner!).  You can garnish these with salsa or any other sauces that are your favorites.  As with any sauces be careful how much you drizzle on them! Some sauces pack a lot of calories so try to stick with lower calorie options to keep your meal healthy and low on calories.

Like I said previously you can get creative and add/substitute other things to this to make this dish how YOU like it.



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…infinite life fitness recipe: C.T. Crunch Protein Pancakes…

2014-02-14 19.24.48

My favorite breakfast item = Protein pancakes!

These are easy to make, have a high amount of protein and a small amount of carbs.

When you have a healthy diet you have to try to create things that will satisfy your urge for things such as pancakes and waffles.  In all honesty there hit the spot for me!  When i have craving for traditional breakfast foods, i just create something similar BUT my meal is lower in carbs and higher in protein.

What you will need:

  • First Phorm  CT Crunch Whey Protein (or any other type of cinnamon protein)
  • (2) egg whites
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp coconut flour
  • 1/3 cup of water or Almond milk (add this until the batter is the consistency that you would like!  The more liquid the batter the more pancakes you can make…BUT it will make flatter/slimmer pancakes)
  • add sweetener to your own preference ( I used 1 tbsp of equal sweetener
  • Walden’s Farm Pancake Syrup 

How to cook the pancakes:

  • turn on your stove top to medium heat and get a frying pan and lightly spritz it with olive oil
  • mix all ingredients into a mixing bowl
  • Mix ingredients until the batter is mixed completely.  Add water or almond milk to make the batter the consistency that you would like
  • At this time you can add nuts, fruit, or any other items that you would like to be cooked into the pancake!  I have also added dark chocolate chips and this is also a great addition to this breakfast treat!
  • Add batter to pan and let pancakes cook ( do not forget to flip the pancakes when they are ready).
  • Once they have cooked place them on your dish and allow to cool
  • Add syrup (I personally use Walden’s Farm sugar free syrup)
  • ENJOY!!!


Reaching your health and fitness goals require you to find things that will supplement your diet without completely depriving you of things that you want and crave.  Yes you can enjoy the things you love but in moderation!  But if you choose to say on track with healthy eating you have to learn how to make substitutions with your recipes to make the recipe healthier for your lifestyle and goals.


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…Words of wisdom…



Take this image LITERALLY!

You will NOT reach your dreams by continuously posting motivational images and quotes on your facebook and pinterest boards.  You actually have to get up and get active!

No one else can reach your goals for you!  You can not buy health and you can not buy fitness!

Yes it is easy to take the easy way out.  Try those fad diets that will let you lose 5-10 lbs in only a few days.  But what happens after you finish that diet?  All of that weight comes back! There is a reason most health and fitness gurus workout regularly and eat healthy consistency.  Because working out and eating right is the ONLY way to reach your goals and to sustain them!

So what are you waiting for? Get up today and do something that will get you one step closer to reaching your goals!


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…Fat loss vs. Weight Loss…



You have to change your focus and your mindset to help you reach your goals!
Try not to focus so much on the scale number.

You should focus on your percent body fat AND how you look and feel.

The scale does not always share the progress that you have.  The scale should be something you use once a month (and no more than that!)  Some people get so caught up with the scale number so you take your focus off of quality workouts.

Some people obsess over the scale and fail to properly train or eat right because they want the scale number to go down.  YOUR BODY NEEDS FOOD!  You should not starve yourself or skip meals just to watch the scale number go down.

Just as fast as the numbers go down is the same speed that it can quickly come back.  You have to find a safe and effective balance to cut the weight and sculpt your body the way that  it should be.

Another thing is that you should make realistic goals so you can accurately achieve them in a reasonable amount of time.  You should aim to lose 1-3 pounds a week.  That is a good healthy goal to shoot for.

And the next main thing is that you need to be patient!  Consistency is key and with time you will start to see the results you have been working for!


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…”Healthy” foods that are UNhealthy: Part 1…


If you see any of the following words on a package make sure to think about how “healthy” they actually are for you…

  • Reduced Fat
  • Sugar Free
  • Diet
  • Fat Free
  • Low Fat
  • No Added Sugar

These type of words are used to help grab your attention and to help you think that they are indeed the healthier option for you. In most cases it is “healthier’ than the regular product that they sale. But is that product good for you to eat in the first place?

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter:

Why is it good?

It contains monounsaturated fat. This is the “good” kind of fat that you can have in your diet.

Why is it bad?

Most of these types of products that are made to be “reduced fat’ are jammed packed with MORE sugar! And, in most cases this sugar is HIGHLY processed which makes it not as good for you. So how is it “reduced fat” with more sugar? great question!!

Eating an excess amount of this kind of sugar has been proven to cause tooth decay and lead to unwanted weight gain.

Both regular and reduced fat peanut butter carry about the same amount of calories. The biggest and most problematic issue is that the reduced fat usually contains a lot more sugar.  It is safe to steer away from store-bought and try to get all natural peanut butter in this case. There are all natural organic peanut butters available (or almond butter).  You can also find these items for a great price if you look around and maybe consider purchasing it online.

Bran Muffins Bagels with Cream Cheese:

Why is it good?
To be honest it is not good. They have been given the reputation for being healthy and a healthy option for breakfast or a snack.
Why is it bad?
These are jammed packed with sugar and refined flour. Two things that you should try to limit in your diet or steer clear from it.  Yes it does contains a small amount of fiber, but other than that there is actually minimal nutritional value in bran muffins.

Bagels with Cream Cheese:

Why is it good?

This is a quick and easy meal option and is filling.  It is great to have on the go!

Why is it bad?

First of all it is just a lot of bread to consume at one time for one meal.  It has about 60 grams of carbohydrates and could also have MORE than 300 calories.  And that is without the cream cheese or jelly most people pile on top of both slices of their bagels.  Again items like this are made with the over processed flour you should shy away from and of course corn syrup.  It also has minimal nutritional value.  So it is wise to have only one 1/2 of the bagel with eggs or some other kind of substitute to increase nutritional value and to get more nutrition with your meal.

You always want to reach for the 100% whole grain or whole wheat options when it comes to bread or pasta.  It is better for you and has more nutritional value than regular “white” bread or pastas.

Granola Bars:

Why is it good?

They are packed with oats, nuts, dried fruit, and can also contain seeds.  All of these are indeed good for you! So why would you think negative about a snack containing all of these things?

Why is it bad?

Granola Bars are not as good for you because of one simple thing…the “glue” that holds the granola together to create that delicious granola bar you like to snack on. That glue is nothing more than high-fructose corn syrup.  All this does is quickly increases your blood sugar which in returns limits how you actually digest the oats and nuts and other healthier things that are in the granola bar.  Along with the high sugar content comes the high calorie count.

Yogurt cups with the fruit or granola in the bottom:

Why is it good?

Yogurt is high in nutrients.  It also contains active cultures which are great for digestion and your immune system.

Why is it bad?

Despite the high calorie count, this too is packed full of sugar! And yes that preserved fruit in the high fructose corn syrup mixture is not any better for you either.

Try plain yogurt with you favorite FRESH fruit (or thawed out frozen fruit that was not preserved in syrup).  It is a healthier options not to mention cuts down the calorie count dramatically!


Why is it good?

It is a healthier option that potato chips.  Not to mention that there is a low-fat content in each serving size.

Why is it bad?

These are nutritionally empty! They don’t have a big nutritional value at all. Not to mention all the sodium that is packed into the salty seasoning covering every small piece of the pretzels. Not to mention it too is made of the over processed flour that should be limited in your diet.

Try to find a whole wheat or whole grain option.  You can also substitute pretzels for other things such as vegetable, fruits, or even a handful of nuts.

I hope this gave you an insight on some food to watch out for the next time you go to the grocery store to buy your food.

Stay tuned for part two! There are dozens of food on grocery store shelves masked as “low-fat” or “healthy” when they indeed are not as healthy as you think they are.



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Guest Post: The difference between factory farmed meats and non factory farmed meats…

There are SO many meat options available at grocery stores (usually MORE options at health food stores).  People often do not know what the best option for them is and which type of meat that they should choose.  Here is some information that should hopefully help you when choosing your meat the next time you are at the store:

The difference between factory farmed meats and non factory farmed meats

The difference between factory farmed meats and non factory farmed meats might seem trivial,
but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to health benefits, factory farmed meats
and non factory farmed meats are chalk and cheese. Because the conditions that factory farmed
animals live in are so poor, they become diseased, and are therefore pumped full of antibiotics
and medication, as well as very strong growth hormones in order to make the animals ready for
slaughter faster and get a better profit for the farmer. This means that some of the bugs the animals
contract become resistant even to the strongest antibiotics. Free range and non factory farmed
animals are not subjected to any of these conditions, but rather are left to graze freely, and not only
live better lives but are healthier animals themselves, and don’t carries terrible germs and infections
obtained from bad living conditions.

Free range beef

Image Source: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/green-living/green-home-00000000056038/page3.html

Moreover, free range meat have a much lower ration of Omega 3 fats to Omega 6 fats, meaning that
it not only doesn’t cause heart attack risk to increase (like factory farmed meat does), it actually can
reduce your risk of heart attack. When all the benefits of free range meat are taken into account, the
small price difference seems minuscule compared to the quality difference.

Free range and organic meat is becoming more and more and more popular as the health risks
become known. Some free range butchers like Cannings take care to choose free range and grass
fed meats from selected Australian farms. Good butchers will adhere to meat standards Australia.



Notice that free range meats may be MORE expensive than farm raised meats.  If you do choose to get farm raised meats try to figure out where it comes from and investigate how they treat and process their animals.  It is always good to know where and how your food is processed.


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…Best Foods to Have at Home…

FOOD is the MOST important part of reaching your health and fitness goal.

Below are some ESSENTIAL foods that anyone should add to their grocery list.

These are some great foods that will efficiently fuel your body before and after your workouts.

You should feed your body foods that will help it to recover and grow!

Efficiently losing weight will depend on the proper combination of a good workout PLUS a good CLEAN diet.



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…Friday FITspiration…



What you eat has a HUGE impact on if you will reach your health and fitness goals

Your body is MADE in the kitchen.

Your body is SCULPTED in the gym

What you eat is supposed to fuel your body.  Your body needs all the right things in order for it to grow, repair, and lose the weight that you do not want.

You can not eat like crap and try to workout to compensate for all the bad food you eat.

It just does not work that way!

Eat a clean and well-balanced meals during the day

Stay consistent with your healthy eating and fitness plans.

This will allow you to see the results you are working for!


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…Fitness Motivation…

There are so many tips and tricks that you can add to your day to help you stay motivated and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

YOU have to find ways that help keep you motivated and on track with reaching your goals.

Here are a few great examples:

You can place sticky notes on a door, mirror  at your desk or anywhere where you will see it.  You can rip off a sticky note for each day you go and workout.  You can track how many calories you lose by using this method.  Each time you lose a pound you can take a sticky not away! This is a great visual reminder and to be honest I use this trick when I am training for my competitions.  There is something so refreshing about tearing away the days that you have completed.  It helps you to know that you are that much closer to your goals.


Try to STOP buying junk food.  If you do not have it at home it will be that much easier to say no to it!
Try to find fruits and vegetables that you enjoy to keep around.  When in doubt snack on some thing GREEN

Green veggies are something that you can not get too much of!

I always have cucumbers, fresh green beans, and lettuce around to snack on if I get hungry in between meals.  The key to losing those unwanted pounds it not to starve yourself! Skipping meals and waiting too long to eat can actually hinder your weight loss.  You want to try to have a well-rounded meal every 2-3 hours.  And some days will be busier than others and you will get hungry before your next meal.  Nibble on some cucumbers or fresh green beans.  You can dip them in fat-free Italian dressing or a vinaigrette .

You have to learn how to eat and snack healthy.

You body will be MADE in the kitchen.  Working out helps to sculpt and build your body.  You HAVE to eat the right fuel for your body in order to see the results you want.  You have to maintain a good diet and stick with your regular fitness program if you want to reach your goals in a healthy amount of time.

foam rollers at www.fitness-mad.com


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…Guest Post: How A High Protein Diet Can Help You Lose Weight…

How A High Protein Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

These days, most people who are looking to lose weight (both men and women) tend to follow a strict diet regime that see’s them significantly cutting down their daily calorie intake and often, cutting out a lot of their favorite foods. Most of these diets also recommend that you reduce your consumption of protein and carbohydrates and because of this, protein-rich foods are perceived by most as being “fattening”.

While it’s true that high protein foods are relatively calorie-rich (at least when compared with veggies), I think it’s important to point out that eating a substantial amount of protein could actually help you to lose weight.


The Weight Loss Effects of Protein

The human body actually uses more energy to break down and digest protein than it does with both carbohydrates and fat. This means that essentially, you’ll burn more calories digesting a steak than you will a healthy, low-calorie salad.

Protein is also a natural appetite suppressant. Foods that are high in protein take longer to leave your stomach than foods high in fat or carbs, meaning that basically, you’ll feel fuller for longer which will help you to eat less throughout the day (as you’ll feel less hungry) which strangely, can lead to a decrease in calorie consumption for some people.

In fact, there have been numerous studies that have proven the hunger quelling effects of protein, such as the one published in Nutrition & Metabolism. In the study, subjects increased their daily protein intake to approximately 30% of their diets and it was found that on average, the subjects consumed 450 calories a day less than usual and also lost an average of 11 pounds over a 12 week period.


It Helps You Lose Fat…Not Muscle

Not only does protein keep you feeling full for longer as mentioned above, but it also helps to ensure that you lose fat rather than muscle. Protein is packed with essential amino acids which are used by the body to maintain and build mean muscle mass.

Even if you aren’t particularly looking to gain muscle, it’s important to take note of this as the leaner you become, the higher your metabolism will be which will help you to burn more calories, 24 hours a day. By sticking to a protein rich diet, you can ensure that your body has a sufficient supply of amino acids which will help to maintain muscle mass and also, that your body breaks down fat to use as energy rather than muscle.

Ultimately, this will ultimately lead to a slimmer, more toned look.


Adding Protein To Your Diet

If you’re not really into eating a huge amount of meat, you might think that adding protein to your diet is a difficult task, but it actually isn’t. There are a huge amount of protein rich foods out there so you can be sure that there’s something to suit all taste buds.

If you’re thinking about adding more protein to your diet but aren’t sure what to eat, here’s a great list of 81 high protein foods to get you started.

As well as foods, you could also explore the possibility of incorporating a protein shake into your diet. Most people still view protein shakes as being solely for bodybuilders, but this isn’t the case at all and these days, they come in a huge range of flavors.

The great thing about protein shakes is that they allow you to add a huge amount of protein to your diet without much effort so if you’re considering doing this, click here to check out a list of the best protein shakes available.



The US RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for protein consumption is around 0.8 grams per kilogram of lean body mass. However, there are a lot of nutrition experts that believe this is simply not enough and that to lose weight, a high protein diet will significantly help.

There are also a lot of diets out there that recommend significantly increasing your daily protein intake but the thing is, most of these diets are aimed at men looking to build muscle. For example, both the Truth About Abs program and the Six Pack Shortcuts program (here’s a totally unbiased Six Pack Shortcuts review) recommend increasing daily protein consumption to around 40% of your diet.

Sure, both of these are aimed at building muscle but they’re also aimed at helping people to lose weight and shed body fat. They might be a bit extreme for those that are just looking to lose a bit of extra weight but there’s a lot we can learn from them such as the huge benefits of a high protein diet.


This guest post was written by Joshua Hardwick writer of  iWantASixPack.com

Please feel free to stop by his site for other health and fitness related topics!  He has a lot of great information for those who are wanting more in-depth information about health and fitness related topics.  Thanks Joshua for the wonderful post you shared with us today!



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