Online Personal Coaching/Training

Some of the benefits of virtual personal training are:

  • Immediate access 7 days a week to Me, Stephanie, as your personal trainer
  • The flexibility to train in your own time which eliminates you having to fit your workouts around your personal trainer’s schedule
  • Personally customized training sessions catered to your health and fitness goals (this includes cardiovascular activities and strength/resistance training)
  • Nutritional analysis of your current eating habits with dietary recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations based on your health and fitness goals

With my services you do not have to pay per hour like you would with some personal trainers.  With my program you just you’ll pay just $60-$100 a month for a whole MONTH worth of customized workouts and me as your coach to help motivate you! (The price varies depending on which services you want. Customized meal plans, workout sessions, and other services are sold separately or in a bundle.)

Notice: The monthly price is subject to change depending on availability and any promotions that may be occurring at that time *

With my program there will be NO ENROLLMENT FEES until January 2017  (Some online coaching programs will typically charge you over $150 for a one time enrollment fee!!)

You will have the option to check-In and talk with  Stephanie every week to go over your workouts, meal plans, and how the week progressed.  This is a monthly recurring plan,which allows your trainer the opportunity to get to know you  as a client as well as and how your body is reacting to your training program.  Your trainer will work with you to help you find what combination of diet/exercise will work best for you  so you can obtain the best results.

IMPORTANT: Please email to assure there is availability

Current Services Offered:

Health and Fitness Consultations (Price: $15)

Meal Analysis/Meal Plan (Price: $50/month)

Workout Plans (Price: $100/month)

Meal Plan + Workout Plan + Once a week phone/Skype Consultations (Price: $140/month)

Here are some more details on how the program works!!!

You’ll get access to your own private page on this site that will have day by day workouts listed for you to follow.  You will also have a section on your page where there will be updates with notes that can  provide tips for your workouts and nutritional plans.


*The monthly price is subject to change.  Whatever price you pay during registration will remain your price throughout the duration of your membership.  Your membership fees will not be affected if the price changes.

Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, you MUST be cleared by your doctor before starting this program. If any injuries were to happen during this plan, you may not hold Live Life Active  or Erin accountable.You must have some exercise experience before joining this plan. 



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