…Fit and Ready for the Day Ahead: Business Travel Fitness Tips…

The business day can drag. Those who don’t stay atop fitness goals feel worse. In order to stay fit and ready for the day ahead, stick to the following business travel tips.

Eat in Your Room
You don’t want to add calories to your diet when traveling. That means staying away from fast foods and getting take-out from the hotel lobby. Use the coffee maker in your room to prepare something healthy, such as oatmeal. Plus, stock the mini fridge with healthy items from the grocery store.

Wake-Up Early
Rise early and go for a walk or do push-ups in your room. Get the blood flowing early and be more alert for the business day ahead. How ironic that waking early to exercise makes you feel less tired and more energized throughout the day.

Pack Exercise Gear
If you don’t have your sneakers and exercise gear then you have an excuse to avoid burning calories. That’s not a healthy way to go about your business trip. It’s highly likely that your hotel has a gym or room with cardio equipment and free weights. But you won’t be able to take advantage if you don’t bring the right gear.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking plenty of water is good for your skin and ensures you’re not feeling drained of energy. Plus, staying hydrated helps keep the body feeling full. Otherwise, you may partake in a lot of unneeded snacking.

Stick to a Regular Routine
Do your best to stay true to your normal routine. For example, if you regularly stay away from take- out or fatty foods during the workweek, don’t exchange that discipline for continuous meals that are high in fat and calories. If you normally jog, walk the city, jump rope in your hotel room, etc.

Walk the Town
Many business meetings reside in or around a major city. Rather than take a cab to destinations, see how long it takes to walk. Otherwise, use downtime to find walking trails in the area if the city is not fixed with a downtown area. See where you can go on foot from the Renaissance Lounge at Sonoma by Marriott.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Pack protein bars and other healthy, filling snacks in your luggage. Keep them handy as the day is filled with meetings. You may not get a chance to eat lunch or dinner when you’re hungry. Packing snacks ensure you won’t feel drained of energy or moody because you’re hungry.

Flex While Sitting and Walking
It sounds a bit eccentric, but flexing your stomach while sitting and walking actually burns calories and gains muscle. You don’t want to get caught flexing in front of your peers or potential business partners, but remind yourself to do it while waiting in a restaurant, walking to get coffee, etc.

Take the Difficult Route
Most take an escalator versus the stairs yet those who opt for the latter burn more calories. It seems like an insignificant difference, yet over time, those who seek the difficult routes are more likely to be in better shape and have an improved mindset about exercise.

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