…Merchandise Evaluation: AMEVIE Sunglasses…

For those of you that REALLY know me, you know that I have two accessories that I am ALWAYS wearing… headbands and sunglasses. When I had the opportunity to try these glasses out I was BEYOND excited.

AMEVIE is a company that created products that are focused on being a brand that focuses on sun-care and lifestyle brand that cares. After a full year of research and development, they recently launched their FIRST product line, a collection of sustainable bamboo sunglasses.

The brand was born from the owner/creators own need and desire to develop safe products that protect the entire family from the harmful UV rays. The bamboo sunglasses are water-proof and sweat-proof as well as they are perfect for travelling as they come with a foldable case. And as for protection, they sourced the best lenses available, UV blocking and polarized.

Overall Comments:

I am IN LOVE with this brand and product. I am a HUGE stickler for actually trying out products. I wore these glasses to social events, athletic events, and even during some of my own outdoors workouts. I got complimented on the overall style and sleekness of the design. While I was working out in them, they DID NOT slip off of my ears or nose easily.  Once I was drenched in sweat… they of course slipped. BUT leading up to that point I had NO issues at all.  They are light weight and very comfortable to wear. The folding case that comes with it is an added bonus!

I seriously had friends trying to steal these glasses away from me… so that tells you the overall quality and design is favorable.

Quality for Price: 

Looking at the AMEVIE glasses I was shocked at first at the original price of these glasses.  BUT, I would have to say I am a firm believer in “you pay for the quality of the product you want”.   It is clear that the higher price of these glasses makes them a higher quality accessory.  They performed well in various settings for me.  If you are someone who enjoys wearing glasses, these would be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Ranking Scale: (on a scale from 1-5)

Price: 3.5

Overall Quality: 4.5

Quality for Price: 4.5

Overall Ranking: 4.16

Closing Remarks: 

I honestly enjoy these glasses. Like I said I tried them out before writing this review because I wanted to make sure they would withstand “normal” abuse and not break after wearing them over a weekend. Again, they were very stylish and comfortable. Shipping was quick and painless.  Not to mention you get the folding case, sunglasses carrying bag, and lens wiping cloth ALL INCLUDED with your purchase. I hope to be able to get more of these glasses to add them to my accessory collection!

Please feel free to check out AMEVIE’s social media pages:

Facebook CLICK HERE 

Instagram CLICK HERE

**NOTE: Please make sure to note my product review disclaimer that can be found HERE***

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