…State 24: Ohio…

One of my long term fitness goals is to do a fitness event in all 50 states.

I recently had the opportunity to cross off another state: Ohio!

I made the 10 hour drive from the Midwest to Cleveland to participate in a GORUCK event commemorating the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Over 80 people showed up to participate in this event.

What I learned about Cleveland and Ohio:

  • It was nice to navigate through the state! 3 lane highway a majority of the trip while in Ohio.
  • Cleveland is a BEAUTIFUL city! The downtown Cleveland area is created by some beautiful buildings, churches, and other monuments.
  • The Winking Lizard was kind enough to let our group congregate there. They provided PHENOMENAL service.  The food was also great (although it is not a traditional healthy place to eat they did have some good healthy meal options on their menu!) and they also had an extensive beer list!
  • Cleveland has THREE major league athletic teams!?? How did that happen!?? (Cleveland Browns NFL, Cleveland Indians MLB, Cleveland Cavaliers NBA)

Random things I noticed about Ohio:

  • Gas prices were approximately $0.10 – $0.15 higher in Ohio than in Missouri
  • I saw MORE cops while driving through Ohio than I saw in any other state (I traveled from Missouri —> Illinois —> Indiana —> Ohio)
  • If you want to take a picture in front of the “Welcome to Ohio” sign be cautious. The sign is located on a overpass that you pass under (and it is a busy highway) so you would have to stop in advance and have the sign in the distance behind you.
  • A version of “The Christmas Story” house is located in Cleveland!

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