…Turning Your Home Into A Gym…

Can’t afford a gym membership? One easy solution could be to transform your home into a gym. Here’s how…

Pick up some weights

No home gym is complete without a few dumbbells. These can be incorporated into all kinds of exercises from lifts to lunges, and can easily be stored away somewhere when you’re not using them. Kettle bells are also very versatile tools that can also be stored out of sight when you don’t need them. Whether you’re training for strength or doing a HIIT workout, these small weights will do the job.

Opt for bands and ropes

Resistance bands are another fantastic piece of space-saving exercise gear that be incorporated into all kinds of exercises. You can attach a resistance band to a door handle and practice your back rows and bicep curls. Skipping ropes meanwhile are just as space-saving and are great for aerobic exercise. You can free some room in your lounge, or use a garden if you have one. Both bands and ropes are also great portable pieces of kit.

Have space for a machine?

You’re not going to be able to fit in all the treadmills and cross-trainers of your average commercial gym. However, having one machine can be beneficial – by always being in sight, it may spur to use it more. For aerobic exercise nothing beats a turbo trainer. They’re fairly compact and can be used to host your own private spin class whilst watching the telly. Look online to find the best turbo trainer for you. Another alternative could be a rowing machine. These take up a little more space, but are great for exercising almost every muscle group in your body.

Use your furniture

In most cases, you don’t need hi-tech fandangles – your furniture can be just as effective. A couch or a coffee table can make a great piece of kit for practicing elevated push ups or tricep dips. Stairs can be used for step-ups. Any free wall meanwhile can be used for practicing wall sits. Almost any piece of furniture can be turned into an exercise. There are even deskercises, which you can practice at home or in the office at work (you can encourage your colleagues to try them out too).

Turn household chores into exercises

Believe it or not, but most household chores can make great exercises. This can be a great way of turning these menial jobs into something rewarding. Vacuuming the house can be great exercise – you can incorporate lunges and move furniture to strengthen your arms. When picking up items off the floor or cleaning sliding door windows, you can practice squats and exercise your quads, Instead of mopping, try scrubbing the floor by hand – a bit of elbow grease will get your biceps and triceps working. Stop seeing tidying the house as wasted hours out of your day and start seeing it as a chance to squeeze in a HIIT workout.


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