…Home Workouts: Hot Or Not?…

If you’ve decided to embrace exercise and get fit in 2017, well done! There’s no better resolution. Exercising on a regular basis has incredible benefits for your mental and physical health. When it comes to making excuses, most people say that they avoid exercise due to a lack of time and money. But what if there was a way of working out that could save you time, and enable you to get fit frugally? Home workouts may be an option worth considering. Here are the pros and cons.

The pros


Do you struggle to find time to go swimming or get to the gym? Do your work commitments mean that it’s tough to train with a local team or join a club? If so, working out at home provides a solution to time constraints. You can workout whenever you have time in the day, and you can adapt the time to suit your schedule. Once you decide to exercise, you can do it straight away. You don’t need to take travel time or getting ready into consideration. If you have a busy schedule, this is a really great way to get fit without eating into those precious spare moments.


Paying for a gym membership can be costly. There may be a joining fee, and then you’ve got to account for monthly payments for the next 12 months. Sometimes, if you want to do classes as well, there may be additional charges. If you choose to set up a home gym, you’ll incur costs at the beginning, but after that, you can work out for free. Another alternative is to buy some fitness DVDs. This is a very cheap way of getting in shape. If you’re searching for equipment, think about what kinds of machines you want to buy. If you’re new to exercise, you’ll find articles like this review on sunny health fitness equipment useful. It’s worth looking at buy and sell pages online and auction sites if you don’t want to pay for brand new equipment.

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The cons


If you’re training alone, it can be difficult to find the motivation to push yourself, especially if you’re a novice. If you work with a personal trainer, they can push you harder, and you’ll get more out of the session.


Lots of people enjoy working out with friends or gym buddies. If you exercise at home, you’re probably going to be flying solo, so you’ll miss out on the social aspect. One solution could be to invite friends over to use your home gym.

Range of equipment

If you go into a gym, you’ll be faced with all kinds of weird and wonderful contraptions, which are designed to work different parts of your body. If you have a home gym, it’s likely that you’ll have a couple of machines, and a smaller variety of options.

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If you haven’t got time to work out or you find it tough to muster up the enthusiasm to go to the gym after work, it may be worth giving working out at home a try. You’ll save time and money, and you’ve got everything you need without leaving the comfort of home.


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