…For Moms Who Jog: Top Free Android Apps to Help You Make Your Daily Run…

When new mommies want to get back to their pre-baby weight, they often choose to go jogging.

While this can be an effective way to get back into shape, it may also be difficult for busy moms to

find the time to go jogging. Fortunately, a number of great apps are available that help active

parents schedule the right time and place for a healthful outdoor excursion. Here are a few of our

favorites, and why.

Apps to know about

Marathon runners and sidewalk sprinters find plenty to love about free Android apps like

iSmoothRun, Map My Run and Runkeeper. With its built-in pedometer and GPS capability,

iSmoothRun helps active moms set fitness goals and track their progress as they achieve them. This

amazing app also comes with a metronome that propels joggers along at a determined pace, says

Healthline magazine.

Map My Run helps joggers find recommended routes and provides elevation and running speed, too.

Moms who enjoy a certain jogging route can provide reviews to other local runners with this

portable smartphone app. When visiting a new city, jogging mommies can learn about great jogging

paths and routes with Map My Run. Runkeeper offers a range of running information, including

distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned. Runkeeper comes with preset training programs

that can help new moms get fit and stay that way. Enable the audio feedback setting to get periodic

progress reports without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Thermal jogging suit or shorts?

Moms who jog are sure to appreciate a weather app for Android phones. With a handy smartphone

app such as the Weather Live Free app from Apalon, busy mommies can take a quick peek at the

weather before jumping into appropriate running garb and hitting the sidewalk for some healthy

exercise. This cool little app can help moms plan ahead for a timely jog as well as provide local

temperature for a right-now run. Weather maps and radar rain info make this handy app just right

for jogging moms who run with smartphones or don Android Wear when they head out to door for

their daily exercise.

Healthy mom, healthy heart

If you’re a mom, you probably spend a good deal of your day chasing kids around the house.

Remember the importance of having some good outdoor fun, as well. The clean, user-friendly

interface of Cardio Trainer offers jogging moms a super simple way to map outdoor routes and stay

motivated. Available at Google Play, this fitness technology app offers a robust music feature, says

Lifewire magazine. Another free Android app they recommend is Runtastic. Although is has no music

player, and it doesn’t show your route until you’re done with your run, Runtastic is a favorite free

tool for all sorts of heart-healthy activities.

If you’re a mom who’s looking to make time to jog and stay in shape, we heartily commend your

efforts. With a bit of luck and motivation, 21st century fitness technology can act as your very own

personal trainer.

Sophia Cooper writes articles which appear on a range of women's lifestyle blogs. She talks about

parenting, careers, food and fitness!