…Are You Making These Mistakes On Your Fitness Journey?…

If you’re serious about getting results on your fitness journey, then you’re going to want to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. Many people are making the mistakes in this post without realising it. Take a look and see if they could be hindering you!

Starving Yourself

Some people think that they’ll get faster results if they starve themselves. While you might make progress at the beginning, you will eventually stall. Then, you’ll do one of 2 things. You’ll either binge, as your body will want to make up for the food you’ve restricted. You won’t be able to stop! Or, you will develop disordered eating. Starving yourself is not healthy or sustainable. You need to make sure you’re nourishing your body with the right kinds of foods, not punishing and starving it. Eat whole foods, such as broccoli, sweet potato, lean proteins, and other healthy things. If you want to lose fat, yes you need to be in a bit of a deficit. However, this deficit needs to be sustainable so you can meet your goals over time, the healthy way. Losing more than 2 pounds per week is not healthy, and means you’re likely losing more than fat. Nourish your body!


Do you think that spending hours on the treadmill is going to get you the body you want? It won’t! Sure, it feels good to know you’ve burned loads of calories. However, you’re going to burn out. After a certain point, your body will start burning muscle, which won’t do anything for the shape of your body. You’re also going to get pretty bored of cardio. There’s no reason you should be doing more than 30 minutes of cardio a day, unless you are doing a competition and you have a coach who knows what they are doing!

Not Having Clear Goals

If you don’t have clear goals, you’re not really going to get anywhere. Do you want to lose fat, or build muscle? They are the two main goals you can choose from. Some people try to do both at once, but it’s pretty impossible. Define your goals and then revisit them every so often. This is one reason many people give up. They haven’t defined their goals, and they give up because they aren’t getting results!


Doing The Wrong Type Of Exercise For Your Goals

You want to build muscle, but you’re doing a ton of cardio? Or maybe you’re lifting weights, but you’re doing high reps and really low weights. You’re not going to get anywhere. You must do the right kind of exercise for your goals. If you look for bodybuilding coupons you might just be able to find a suitable plan that won’t break the bank.

Trying To Rush The Process

Getting fit and healthy, and building the body you want takes time. Trying to rush the process is unhealthy. Learn to love the process and you will do well!

Not Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress is crucial. This doesn’t mean weighing yourself every day. It means measuring yourself and taking pictures at the same time once a week. It also means taking note of how much faster and stronger you’re getting!


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