…Celebrity Workouts: Are They Worth It?…

The likelihood is we all have a celebrity fitness DVD hanging around behind the TV. And in many cases, probably a few more. These workout programs make up a huge percentage of the fitness program industry and sell at an astonishing rate. But are they worth your money, and do they ever – honestly – work? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest problem areas I have found with celebrity fitness programs.



Celebrities have personal trainers

First of all, the rich and famous have money to burn – and they can afford to pay for a personal trainer. And not just the one session a week that the rest of us can afford. Their personal trainers will – in effect – live with them for months at a time to put them through their paces. You can’t expect to replicate that by doing a workout DVD once or twice a week.

You pay top dollar

Heard about the latest fitness craze? Kayla Itsines is a celebrity, albeit she became one through her fitness program. She has 5.3 million Instagram – that’s twice as many as Gwyneth Paltrow. And she’s big business. But take a look at any honest Kayla Itsines review, and you’ll find out a few things. One, it is expensive. There are PDF guides and a $20-per-month app to buy. And it’s hard, too – perhaps too much for the first time trying to take control of their fitness for the first time. Now, the program will give you results – but the information it gives you is nothing you can’t find by yourself online and on forums.

The before and after scam

We’ve all seen those before and after shots on websites. They are the prime selling point for most fitness DVDs, regardless of whether they are celebrity-hosted or not. The trouble is, what do these pictures tell you? Sure, they show dramatic results. But as plenty of people have proved, you can do amazing things with a camera.

They target the wrong areas

You can’t target areas where you want to lose weight. If you have big thighs, nothing is going to make them smaller unless you lose weight all over. It’s the same with your waist. Core exercises will help you develop your muscle, but you have to lose weight everywhere if you want your abs to show through. So, the next time you see a ‘Tiny Tummy’ celebrity DVD that focuses on waist training, forget it.  

It doesn’t result in lifestyle change

Take a look at most celebrity fitness programs and they will all tell you the same thing. Workout x times a week for y weeks. But what happens afterward? The vast majority of people just return to their old routines, put the weight back on, and buy another DVD the following Christmas. Good for the celebrity workout industry, sure. But not good for your permanent fitness and physique, or your bank balance. You are far better off learning about exercise and nutrition yourself and making the necessary changes slowly.

Have you have success from a celebrity DVD? If so, why not prove me wrong in the comments section below!

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  1. Erin @ Stay at Home Yogi
    Erin @ Stay at Home Yogi says:

    I had some workout tapes when I was in high school that I loved, featuring some supermodel who’s name I forget now! I do remember the ab section being difficult and feeling sore after but I definitely didn’t turn into a model! 😉 Today, as a mom of two in her thirties, I love taking inspiration from REAL women (not that celebs aren’t real but I think you’ll get what I mean), who’s one and only business is fitness!


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