…Are Lean Muscle Mass Workouts a Scam?…


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For many men, getting the perfect muscles is a life-long dream. Although the only way to get there is through hard work, there are shortcuts.

Magical pills and miraculous workouts have taken the world by storm. Claiming to lead to a lean body, these methods are often criticized by experts, but do they work?

Although it’s hard to tell which workouts actually work, there are ways you can ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

It’s important that you take into consideration your circumstances. Make sure you set reasonable goals before starting any routine, and ideally see a doctor.

As you may already know, building mass is only partly done through working out. Having a balanced diet is a huge part of the process. It’s important to remember that things take time, so be patient. Don’t expect results overnight. Also, remember that your health should always be your priority. Don’t push yourself too hard, and know your limits.

Balanced Diet



Anyone who’s into working out knows that a balanced diet is very important. Working out can get you great results but without eating right, you might be sabotaging your progress.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, come up with a meal plan. This is important as it will serve as a starting point. It’s important not to push yourself too hard at first. Give your body plenty of time to adjust. This way you don’t risk any health complications occurring.

What you eat depends entirely up to what you’re trying to achieve. Consulting with a professional is always recommended before making any drastic lifestyle changes.

Working out

A lean muscle mass workout might not be for everyone. Although it’s important to set goals, remember to be reasonable. Wanting to see results overnight is unrealistic. Everything takes effort and if you’re not prepared to put that in, you might never see results.

Start slow and build up your tolerance over a period of time. It’s recommended that you don’t start with anything too difficult, as it will take its toll on your body.

Take baby steps and let your body adjust. Only increase your workouts once you feel your body is ready. Don’t try overdoing it, as it won’t impress anyone. Take control of your own body, and know what’s best for you.

So, are lean muscle mass workouts a scam? No, but they require a lot of preparation and effort. Don’t enter the process until you’re ready, and remember that health always comes first. There are no shortcuts in life, so don’t attempt anything stupid. Be smart with your routine, and you will see results overtime. Putting your body under too much pressure will only result in health complications occurring down the line.

Working out can be a rewarding experience but only if done right. There are a lot of scams out there claiming they can get you results overnight. Don’t fall for them. Only use trusted sources for information. Be smart about your workouts, and you will see results in no time.

…Fitness: my lift, my love, my addiction…


Hi…My name is Stephanie. And I have an addiction. 

I am addicted to the stale musk of sweat when you walk into a gym…

I am addicted to the sound of weight plates clanging together…

I am addicted to hearing the light humming sounds of treadmills and other fitness equipment…

I am addicted to feeling sore when I wake up in the morning…

I am addicted to the feeling you get when you physically push yourself so hard during a workout that you can’t quite figure out if you are going to pass out or puke (sometimes as the same time…LoL)…

I am addicted to crushing personal records that I know that I was unable to do previously…

I am addicted to pushing myself mentally and physically…

I am addicted to helping those around me see their potential both physically and mentally…

I am addicted for helping to educate, motivate, and inspire someone to get up and make changes in their life so they can help improve the overall quality of their life…

But most importantly…addicted2fitness_2

I get that not everyone will truly understand my desire or need to push myself constantly.  Do I know I can do it…yes.  But, I have not found anything that I can not do and that is what drives me even further.

This fitness craze for me started in 2012.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always been an athlete and I have always been active.  Growing up, I played a lot of different sports and remained active even throughout college. It wasn’t until AFTER college that I had the time, resources, and money to dive into doing more athletic activities.  I started by first doing a Zombie Run with one of my best friends.  The trail run mixed in with mud bath instantly had me hooked. I was not a huge fan of being chased by blood dripping mummies, but I enjoyed the “capture the flag” concept that the race offered.  A few months later I signed up for my first Tough Mudder. WHILE I was training for my first Tough Mudder I was also training for my first NPC bikini competition. After that, I did a few more NPC competitions but really started to take a dive into endurance races. For the year of 2016 I wanted to put my focus on endurance races and GORUCK events instead of NPC competitions. And that was one of the best things I could have done.

I spend 2016 traveling, exploring, and living. Most importantly, I spent 2016 doing what I love most…growing my business and pushing myself physically.


Why do I do these races? 

These races are not just about the medal or patch that you get when you complete the race.  The race is about the experience and the people. No two races will be alike.  You will get to battle some of your own internal demons.

You will question if the training you have been doing was enough.  You will question if your strength and overall abilities is enough.  You will question if what you are doing is something that you should actually be doing.  You will question if you are helping or being a burden to those that are around you. You will have a million other questions rummaging through your brain, but most importunately you will battle and defeat these questions of self doubt.You will conquer those very things that are trying to hold you back. To your surprise,  you will also help to push and motivate someone else around you to also push through those same questions and self limiting thoughts/feelings.


I do these races BECAUSE I CAN. So many people take advantage of the fact that we have bodies that are capable of moving, climbing, pushing, pulling, running, etc. So many people 2nd guess themselves and do not show up to do events that they sign up for. So many people fail to even understand their worth and physical capabilities. If I am able to help just ONE person push past those barriers, that helps for me to validate my efforts.  It helps to prove to me that all of the work that I put into my training while people are sleeping, while people are out partying and having fun, while people are inside and I am outside getting tortured by the weather of mother nature is worth the milestone of conquering a feat that was once unconquerable.

Yes, there an be far worse things for me to be addicted to. But, to be addicted to fitness….is that even really an addiction? What could you classify it as? I would like to say that it is apart of me.  It is apart of my lifestyle. I am NOT sorry that I am not the type of person to sit at home EVERY weekend (don’t get me wrong a weekend at home is nice…but that is only blissful for a short period of time). If I have the time, resrouces, and money YES I will fill my scheudle with events. Why not explore and travel if I have the ability to do so? If I had the choice to go party at a premiere club or go roll around in the mud, with my ruck, next to 20-100 team mates, in the rain….guess what I would pick? #mudbath #justanotherdayatthespa


From the outside looking in, I guess I can not expect or assume anyone to understand or be able to relate to my feeling of passion about what I do.

If I could just take your hand and walk you through my foot steps, then maybe…JUST MAYBE…you would be able to grasp why I do what I do.  I don’t want to put you in my shoes because my shoes are shoes that can not be filled. My ambition and drive is something that can not be replicated but only observed. My dedication to not just to myself, but to my clients and fellow fitness addicts.  This dedication is something that is strong and it will take dynamite to even weaken it.  It is a bond between conquerors and fellow competitors that can not be broken.  No matter how muddy a trail is, no matter how crappy the weather may be, no matter how much it hurts, we are one.

293_2b19ee260d5438f3e7ff148406db0ffe_Sprint Fire Jump

Each day competitors of all facets and sports wake up and train as if there is no tomorrow. Olympic athletes get a pass for their dedication because ” they are training for the Olympics”.  But common people get questioned and bantered because they want to regularly attend athletic events? Because their dedication to health/fitness is not within the realms of what “some people” feel is normal? All because we are not training to go to an Olympic event? In your eyes there may not be a master event or title we are trying to win.  In our eyes…we are doing what makes us happy. We are doing what gives us a purpose and a meaning.  We are doing what gives us life.