There are various bags that can be found on the GORUCK website. I know that the first question that is running through you mind is… “Why are these bags so darn expensive!??” and the next question may be…”If I decide to get a bag which bag should I get!?”.

Yes, I admit, these GORUCK bags are expensive.  BUT in reality let me break it down for you…


You can pay $20-$50 for a bag at a typical store. BUT how long will it last you? You will in return burn through SEVERAL of those $20 – $50 bags (because I know I have!) and have to spend more money in the end.  OR You can spend a little more money on a good quality bag and NOT HAVE TO WORRY about the bag failing you.  GORUCK offers a “SCARS Lifetime Guarantee“.

What is SCARS?

It is a way for you to get your bag (and this warranty also applies to various other items that they sell on the site) repaired or replaced if you were to damage it. YES you heard me right… You can get the bag fixed or replaced IF YOU DAMAGE it.  This also applies for regular wear and tear that may occur when you use the bag. GORUCK takes pride in building gear that is made to last through your torturous workouts and training.  How many $20 bag companies offer that kind of warranty!? So is the extra money for a GORUCK bag worth it… YES! Hence why I personally bought a GORUCK bag.

I have had a few questions in regards to the GORUCK ECHO and the GORUCK Kids Ruck.


As you can visually see, there is some similarity between the two bags BUT there are also a lot of things that are also different.



This bag is VERY similar to the GR0, GR1, GR2, and Rucker. It is just a smaller version of those bags.  It has all of the same features at the GR0, GR1 and Rucker. This is a great bag for someone who is small/petite. Or is can be a good day bag and can store all of the things that you need. Yes this bag is the more expensive option (when looking at the Echo or Kids Ruck). BUT you are getting a lot of extra things.  You are getting the padded compartment for your laptap, the padded straps, the molle on the front, and the two internal pockets.  This bag also opens and can be laid down flat.  It also is heavier and thicker than the Kids Ruck. CHECK OUT THIS POST if you are looking for other Ruck options.

GORUCK Kids Ruck


This ruck comes in various colors.  This ruck is a great day bag and bag for children of ANY age.  There is not a padded internal pocket, there are NOT two internal pockets, BUT it does have the external pocket and the padded straps. The added extra is that the one internal pocket does have Velcro on it so you can attach patches or anything else you would like.

I hope this post helps to answer any questions that someone may have had about these two bags. Please let me know if you have any other questions!