…prAna’s & Organic Valley Fall Campaign…

As you look on social media you will be able to see Back To School pictures, hashtags, and post.  This also is a sign that Summer is coming to an end and Fall is quickly approaching. Fall fashion is honestly one of my favorite fashion seasons and I was excited to see some major brands get behind the Fall Fashion movement.


prAna is a clothing company.  They thrive on creating versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day.



Organic Valley is company that provides products that are dairy produced with no added hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides. They take pride in offering produce that is grown the organic way, with none of the toxins or synthetic fertilizers. They also offer cheese that was made by farmers and artisans who care about the environment, the animals and all of their customers. It gets even better… they even employ LOCAL farmers in YOUR area to help with the production of their products! Check out their website and it will tell you where the closest farm is to you! (Now that is pretty darn cool!)

So why am I telling you about prAna & Organic Valley? Because they have teamed up to create the Fall Campaign! prAna is getting ready to kick out their new Fall Collection and Organic Valley is teaming up with them for the #weirdworkout Campaign! The best part is that YOU can benefit from this partnership! Head on over to THIS WEBSITE (Click here to be directed to the website) for your chance to win $300 worth of prAna gear and a 2-months supply of Organic Fuel.  The contest is going on NOW until August 31st! So go sign up TODAY! 

After you enter the contest go HERE and print off some money saving coupons for Organic Valley products!

And yessss I know what you are thinking… ‘I never win anything” or “What is the point in participating because I know I will not win”. WRONG! They are choosing TEN people to win the prize so… what do you have to lose!


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