…Exercise SOS: How To Prevent Knee Injuries…

Knee injuries are among the most common types of sporting injury. You use your knees for all kinds of different actions and there are many different types of injury. Sometimes, you can bounce back from knee injuries quickly. In other cases, you may be out of action for months. If you’re a fan of sports, or you work out regularly, this guide will hopefully help you to stay injury-free.

Strengthening and conditioning

The knee joint is heavily used in lots of different sports. Strengthening and conditioning exercises can improve mobility and flexibility. They will also help to reduce the risk of injury. You can work through a program with a sports therapist, or include targeted stretches and exercises in your training sessions. It’s also a good idea to try and condition your hips. Your knees and hips work together, and if you have weakness in either joint, this will manifest in the other.

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Warming up

Before you do any exercise, no matter how intense, warm up. Take a few minutes to stretch the muscles and get the heart going. Exercising without warming up is one of the most common causes of sports injuries.

Protecting your knees

If you are prone to injuries, or you have a history of knee problems, there are products you can buy to offer greater protection. A compressive sleeve for knee joints is a good idea. This kind of support helps to stabilise the joint while also improving circulation and aiding recovery. Search online for reviews or ask your doctor or personal trainer for recommendations.

Rest and avoid overtraining

It’s common for the knee joint to suffer if you overtrain. If you repeat actions such as jumping, for example, the joint can become painful and inflamed. It’s understandable to want to push yourself. But doing too much is often counterproductive. Pay attention to your body. If you feel fatigued, have a rest.

Play to the conditions

Knee injuries often result from rash tackles or sudden changes of direction. If it’s raining outside and the ground is slippery, take extra care. Always make sure you are wearing suitable footwear.

Perfect your technique

If you’re playing sport or doing exercises in the gym, make sure you use the correct technique. If you’re lifting, for example, bend your knees, and lift up from the legs with your back straight. If you’re not using the right methods, your risk of injury will be much greater.

Seek medical advice

If you’re worried about a knee injury, seek medical advice. If you’re getting pain, the joint is inflamed, or it feels weak, see your doctor. It’s always better to get injuries checked out. If you leave them, they are likely to get worse.

Exercising has numerous benefits, but it often carries risks. If you’re a big sports fan, or you work out a lot, it’s important to be wary of injuries and protect your joints. Always warm up and cool down. Wear a support and take enough time to recover. If you are worried about injuries, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

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