…Fat loss vs. Weight Loss…



You have to change your focus and your mindset to help you reach your goals!
Try not to focus so much on the scale number.

You should focus on your percent body fat AND how you look and feel.

The scale does not always share the progress that you have.  The scale should be something you use once a month (and no more than that!)  Some people get so caught up with the scale number so you take your focus off of quality workouts.

Some people obsess over the scale and fail to properly train or eat right because they want the scale number to go down.  YOUR BODY NEEDS FOOD!  You should not starve yourself or skip meals just to watch the scale number go down.

Just as fast as the numbers go down is the same speed that it can quickly come back.  You have to find a safe and effective balance to cut the weight and sculpt your body the way that  it should be.

Another thing is that you should make realistic goals so you can accurately achieve them in a reasonable amount of time.  You should aim to lose 1-3 pounds a week.  That is a good healthy goal to shoot for.

And the next main thing is that you need to be patient!  Consistency is key and with time you will start to see the results you have been working for!

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