…Guest Post: Treadmills Aren’t Just For Human Fitness Ya Know!…

Hey guys! Today I have another great post written by Mr. Sean Byrne.  He has contributed post in the past for this blog so I asked him to write another!

As the COLD winter time is quickly approaching it will be hard to be able to get outside and run.  Sometimes it will be hard to get up and leave your house period!! I know the colder it gets…the more and more I DO NOT want to leave my house! Well lucky for you there are some great options for you to consider if you are wanting to create your own workout area in your own home!

Today he is going to discuss treadmills! So lets see what he has to say!…


Treadmills Aren’t Just For Human Fitness Ya Know!

Treadmills have been in the market now for a long time. They were first developed to serve human fitness and they are to this day, one of the most popular exercise machines in the market. However, a lot of people assume that these fitness devices are for human benefit only.
This may have been true up until recently, where a number of companies have designed and developed treadmill machines for dogs. Yes.. you did hear that right! Treadmill machines for dogs!

I would imagine your next question would be something like, “Why would any company create a treadmill device for a dog, they don’t need exercise like we humans do?” Well… if you had that mentality, I am afraid you’d be wrong to think so. Whilst there are some treadmills out on the market right now that offer fantastic value for the human user. At the same time, there is also treadmill machines on the market for your pet dogs too… and for good reason might I add!

As obesity levels continue to rise in humans, there is also a growing trend of pet dogs who are also developing a pot belly. There are a number of reasons for this trend. One of the obvious reasons is that pet dogs are not getting enough exercise due to their owners not having the time to take them for a walk in the fresh air and giving their legs a stretch. For those who live in apartments with no backyard, it’s no wonder your dog begins to develop unhealthy levels of weight.

Just like their owners, dogs can also experience obesity and this affects their lives in terms of quality of life and longevity. In the United States, there are about 53% of mature dogs who are considered obese. This statement comes from the association of Pet Obesity Prevention. So in order to fight off obesity in dogs, there has been a new clinic established specifically for pet dogs. Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, Massachusetts made this announcement back in September of this year and they continue to cater for unhealthy pets across the country.

So how can you tell if your pet is obese? Apparently if you can’t feel their ribs as you lay your hands on their front end, they are considered obese. Your pet dog needs at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise each and every day. A dog who is not getting enough exercise, will be less happy and can develop continuous health problems.

Using a treadmill for canine Cardio is a great way to develop your pup’s fitness levels and get them into better shape. Over at Dogpacer.com, David Ezra (CEO) said they have sold hundreds of canine treadmills over the last seven months since they hit the market. I would personally assume that they will sell a lot over the Christmas period, as more dog owners become aware of the rise in obesity levels for unhealthy pets. Perhaps these machine might become as popular as the top brand machines in the human treadmill market. We’ll just have to watch this space as they say.

I hope that you guys enjoyed what he had to say! Please feel free to leave any comments or questions!!



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