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Do you REALLY understand the things that you are eating?

Do you REALLY understand the “foods” that you are putting in your body?

The best goal to have is to consume foods that will nourish and fuel the body.

Yes we are all human and may crave some of the most unhealthy things to eat…BUT there is a time and a place to enjoy them in MODERATION!

Reaching your health and fitness goals can be done best by eating right and sticking with your workout schedule.







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  1. Bri
    Bri says:

    I’ve been put on a cleanse by a Naturopath and have learned so many things about food in the last couple weeks it’s amazing. I’ve never really looked at the ingredient lists on food before but now that i am I’m quite shocked at what I find a lot of the time!

  2. kristy @ gastronomical sovereignty
    kristy @ gastronomical sovereignty says:

    i LOVE that everything on this list points to one major food group that we all need to avoid: processed, packaged foods. i keep saying (via michael pollan), if it needs a label to identify what it is, what’s in it, or to claim health benefits, it’s NOT food. it’s a semi-edible synthetic and scientifically designed product that is made to look like food. and if it isn’t food, don’t eat it.

    it’s easy to avoid eating this stuff by getting your food through a CSA share, visiting farmer’s markets for your groceries, and/or growing some of your own fruit, veg, or even chickens for meat or eggs.

    great post!

    p.s. margarine is also often hydrogenated – this causes the molecules of margarine to actually bind to your cells inside your body and physically change their make up… um, cancer anyone? butter is better! or like you suggested, olive oil.


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